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RECORD ATTENDANCE on Saturday! Whee!!

cut for your flist happiness and joy )

[ profile] terribleturnip, your baby has come so far. And I have so much fun playing there.


May. 19th, 2007 01:16 pm
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(standardizing my online personalities a bit -- still the same useless rambling you've come to love)

So my computer decided that it was fundamentally unhappy, and created another login for me with the same password, but it wouldn't remember little things like MY EMAIL PASSWORDS. Input password, click "save password," get mail. Popup: "enter your password" Me: "bite my ass"

"The guy" at work offered to rebuild it for me, so we've restored the original settings and I'm now in the fabulous process of trying to remember all the handy shit I had installed on it before, and getting them back in place. :rolleyes:: Just really what I wanted to do with my weekend.

Last night was the first of three RSO concerts featuring the women of the chorus on Debussy's Syrenes. For fun, we were asked to dress "siren-like," as opposed to just our regular concertwear (formal black, contemporary black, or white top/black bottom). "Siren like" to most of the women meant red, it would seem, although a couple of them wore "boas" -- the most anemic tiny thin featheresque things I've ever seen. I wore a seafoam green beaded/sequined tank top (sort of like labradorite -- hard to describe, but tres elegant) and a black silk chiffon skirt that was reminiscent of waves. Very fun. Our dress change was only supposed to be for last night, but Mark liked it so much he asked us to do it again tonight. I will resist the urge to break out some feathers and show them how it's done.

Took Hagen to the vet yesterday because he wasn't seeming his normal self. Wasn't interested in food at all on Wednesday, and yelping occasionally when he moved. The doc gave him an anti-inflammatory/pain med with instructions to bring him back if he's not better in 5 days. He's MUCH better today, so I think this may have done the trick -- praps he just twisted something.

Got my haircut this week, and bought myself a flat iron, so I'm rocking the sleek look. Fired my manicurist for being a tool (booked me for an appointment, and then offered to take me a half hour later when I showed up at the proper time -- I don't mind a few minutes wait due to walk-ins, but that's why I MADE AN APPOINTMENT) -- am trying out new one.

Next weekend -- In Our Cups at VARF! Houseful of friends and another dog! Five vehicles for five people! And...I expect we'll be busting out THE MARGARATOR...I love Jellyfish so freaking much. :)
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This week is kind of busy for me, and I'm a little on edge.

reasons why, interesting only to me )

I'm just feeling very scowly and I'm not sure why.

Time didn't permit. More important for me to spend a little time with Hagen, I think -- more relaxing that being talked over in Vietnamese, right?
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It's been a damn long time since I posted -- no reason, other than I can't post from work, and when I get home...I just haven't felt like it. I still read y'all incessantly, though.
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I think that's all the news that's fit to print. Miss you guys. Hope to see many of you Saturday. Bring chocolate chip cookies (it's worth a shot, right?).
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For this weekend, the LAST CHANCE you'll have to see us at MDRF in 2006, you can find us at the following times and places:

10:30 - White Hart
12:00 - Wine Garden
1:30 - White Hart
4:00 - O'Shucks

We will be turkishly delightful, we will be sporting new garb, we do all love potstickers, and we really want to see YOU. Capice?
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THANK YOU all for the tsunami of birthday wishes! I had a mostly quiet day (except for the excitement about the Vegas win), and then Dana and I had dinner at the Thai Curry House up in Richmond, followed by Coldstone Creamery (my choice of the 4 free birthday ice cream offers that I received, although I suspect the others won't go unused...).

So now I'm officially in my late 30s, and the next two months and 5 days will be filled with reminders that I am TWO YEARS OLDER than my youngun' of a husband. ;)

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Haven't yet gotten the IOC schedule for this weekend, but I will post that as soon as it's in my hot little hands. Will we see any of our stalkers this weekend? (and will they be unionized?)
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I'm a little gobsmacked going into the weekend, because it's got lots of nothing. We're going to a party for an EMS buddy tomorrow afternoon, but apart from that, we have no commitments.

Last night we went to see "Talladega Nights" (for free thanks to movie passes from a sweeps win) -- it was funny, but not as much as I'd hoped it would be. Still...funny enough. :) AND it seems that our movie theater has entered the new millennium, because instead of the slides they used to show, they're showing a little pre-presentation. I don't know what they call it, only that it's not "The 20."

Next week is going to be pretty filled -- two chorus rehearsals, and then Friday morning I'll drive north for the weekend. I got my boss to agree to let me come in on the last of the month, so I'm working Friday, probably having dinner with Dad on Friday (and barring that, enjoying non-faire time with the lovely [ profile] pyratelady and gallant [ profile] ironbeagle), faire all weekend, and then a Richmond Symphony concert on Monday.

Dana is waiting to be scheduled for precepting shifts with Chesterfield Fire, so he can be cleared to run as a paramedic. Our squad's standard is 10 calls, which is pretty anemic, so he and the Chief agreed that he should run through the same clearing process as the fire guys, which is 10 8-hour shifts. He's looking forward to it, and we both hope he can start soon!

Whatever you have scheduled this weekend, have fun and stay safe!


Sep. 16th, 2006 08:50 pm
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Go to the iTunes music store and search for "In Our Cups" -- EEEEEE!
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It occurs to me that it is THURSDAY, and I have not yet posted about last weekend at faire.

It was FABULOUS. :D I can't say enough how much I love singing with [ profile] pyratelady and [ profile] mydwynter! And now, I believe we have a Vision for our Future ::dumdumDUMMMMMM::. And while we were sad that scheduling prevented seeing more of Gypsophilia's performances, it did mean that we had a lot of concurrent downtime and were able to indulge in the OHMY (Osmin/Hamid/Marco/Yasmin) goodness. A big thank you to [ profile] pyratelady for introducing us to the combined musical fun and prettiness that is l'Ensemble Cercamon.

I got to see so many friends who I see so rarely (and pardon the lack of LJ tags, but I'm lazy like that): Sunni, Geoff, Jacqui, Russell, Vyxen, Keltik, 3RR, LIZ, Tom (such an obliging dragon), Sophie (scarred for life), SoulStealer, Audrey, Dee (yes!), Diego, Cyd, Joe, Eowyn, Cozit, Dave Lister, Dawny, Whitey, Queen Maggie, Kee, and about 12 thousand other people whom I'm sure I'll remember right after I hit "post."

And can someone explain to me why it has taken until now for me to meet Falafel? I MUST have her contact information, because she was just far too fun to let slip away. (Falafel goes well with Turkish Delight, for sure.)

Now I can't wait to come back!! September 30/October 1, if you haven't marked your calendars yet.
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Regarding this entry:

The winner is [ profile] 3fingeredsalute, for the word in question was "heat."

Not even *I* am desperate enough to eat pee-infused Duds.

(The complete transcription is: "Happiness is playing *all* weekend at the renaissance festival with my friends. Sadness is discovering that my bag of Milk Duds was exposed to heat, and it's a bag of Milk Dud.")
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And heeeeeeeres our schedule --

Schedule for September 9 & 10

  • 12:00 at Area B
  • 1:30 at Area B
  • 3:30 at O'Shucks Tavern
  • 5:00 at the Globe Theater

Area B *may* mean the Wine Garden, or it may not -- it will All Depend. :) Pretty much, find one of us and follow us around until we start singing, and then get comfy. Which is pretty good advice anyway, really.

Tell your friends! Tell your family! Come say hi!


Sep. 3rd, 2006 11:21 pm
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Time has little or no meaning at this point. We pulled 24+ hours duty, ran lots of calls, napped infrequently, and are now coming down with colds. This is NOT the week that a cold is at all convenient, with my first symphony rehearsal, sending my puppy to Germany, and then another trip north before performing this coming weekend.

::crawling back into bed until Tuesday morning::
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We took the plunge into the modern age, and now have our CD for sale at CDBaby. If any of you feel inspired by the Muse and would like to write a review, we'd love you all to pieces.
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I made the Richmond Symphony Chorus!

I found out yesterday, but work had me buried deeeeeeeeeeeep in a pile of yuck, so I forgot to come mention. :)


We start rehearsals on September 5, and the first concert is Sept 17. That's right, after the THIRD rehearsal. I'm not sure if these are pieces they started working on back in the spring, but I'll be sight-reading like a mother.

for y'all classical music geeks )

I dug out my choir folder last night -- was so happy that I plumped for a good one the last time I sang with a group (which I see now was 1998).
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First -- does anyone have any current photographs of In Our Cups? We'd love to post pictures with Jill on the website. These could be from faire last year (as The Nancy Boys), from this year's Pyrate Feast, or from Memorial Day weekend at VARF (in gypseeeeey goodness). Mail 'em to me here -- thanks!

Second -- haircut help! )

Thanks, y'all!


May. 31st, 2006 10:12 am
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In Our Cups will be back at MDRF this year, for two weekends -- September 9 & 10, and September 30 & October 1. That way, we can wear hot weather garb AND cold weather garb! Plan your visits for your preferred Cup-look accordingly -- easy breezy beautiful, or in search of someone warm to snuggle. :)
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"These festivals are the best diet ever." Perspicacity, in a rare moment of rational eloquence.

We had SO much fun this weekend! Read more... )

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (Alpaca, for "Belgium")
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Friday afternoon saw the arrival of [ profile] pyratelady and [ profile] skivee to FP South, which we heralded by eating Mexican food. Everyone who visits must go have Mexican, mostly because it involves me getting to eat That Yummy Sauce. Then Brewster's for ice cream, then bed.

Pedro says "Come to South of the Border after you have dental surgery!"

Saturday morning, the pyratical types headed to some field someplace, and Family Love piled in the Magic Car and went to Williamsburg for PALS class. Returned late Saturday, reconvened with guests, ate a thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat, went to sleep and didn't get up until the next morning, when we did it all over again (sans dog, who got to enjoy the a/c at the house).

I passed PALS with a 91%, so now I have more knowledge that I can't implement (not being an advanced provider myself). Still, knowledge is good. I know how to get an intraosseous stick in a baby's leg now, f'rinstance. On Saturday someone called the cops for a "suspicious looking vehicle," so Officer Rick came by to grill us about the Magic Car and the Big Vicious Dog therein, and ended up playing with Hagen for a while.

Dana and I had squad duty last night, but I wasn't feeling well at all so we marked down after only 6 hours and came home to collapse. We had 2 calls though. Dana had to check his math about 17 times, because our second patient had taken NINE HUNDRED doses of a prescription medication "to get high." Which is 450 times the dose for sedation. Kids, don't try that at home.

This coming weekend we get [ profile] pyratelady AND [ profile] mydwynter (and likely Mr. Pyrate Lady) for the whole weekend, and there will be much singing by Us in a Field. Come and get your Cup on!
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C'mon, you don't want to go to that same boring old barbecue and pretend to like the neighbors? And even if you do, there's still Saturday and Sunday that you could come see In Our Cups at the VA Ren Faire!

$5 gets you in at the gate for your chance to see not one, not two, but ALL THREE Cups up close and live and in the flesh even.

"You guys smell nicer than the privvies!" -- an actual quote from an actual fan -- how can you pass THAT up?

What if I threw in that we'll be wearing middle Eastern garb? And we have no camel to spit on you!

More information at

Military Heritage Weekend -- SAAAAAALute!

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