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I called Honda last week because the software for the MusicLink (iPod connector system) was confusing the crap out of me. I got a call back yesterday saying basically that they agree it sucks donkey balls* and have discontinued the product. The guy said "you paid, what, about $300 for it?" I actually paid $200, so I told him "I don't remember; I just loaded up the car and paid attention to the monthly payment." He offered to buy me something for the car worth around $300.

I asked for side steps, which are priced at $525 -- I have to pay for the installation, which looks around $150 (although up to $296 -- I've called 5 dealers today). I've been thinking that I wanted to add them at some point, so now I get my steps, AND I keep the MusicLink.

* The connection is great, so the sound is fab, but you can listen to it either in all random mode or random album mode -- or you can choose just the top tier of playlist/album/artist/genre -- so if you have more than one artist starting with B, you can't then choose among the Bs. Luckily, I prefer listening to it on all random mode, requiring only the occasional FF through a Christmas carol.


Mar. 31st, 2007 06:48 pm
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Dana and I just got home from a long day in Williamsburg, buying me a new car! I finally traded in Betty, my 1999 Civic with 147K miles, for a 2007 Pilot (name to be determined later*).

detaily stuff back hyah )

This was my fourth car-buying purchase, and was by far the smoothest. (perhaps because my father wasn't involved...hmm.) I'd done all my homework ahead of time, I made my decision at arm's length rather than sitting in one and getting all attached and yearny, and I felt really good about the whole internet process.

So! Excited!

* I thought about Amelia, and then Dana pointed out perhaps that would be bad juju.

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