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Last night, our Tivo decided to get stuck in booting mode. DirecTV wasn't able to do anything, none of the things they asked me to try worked. They're sending us a new one in a day or two.


Does anyone have last night's Heroes and 24 that they can send to me? Oh please oh please oh please?
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I heart Aaron Sorkin. This show feels so much like home, albeit with new people to get to know.

(while the opening credits were running, I turned to Dana and said "it's The Font!! I missed The Font.")


Jul. 21st, 2006 10:44 am
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My name is Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Fo Fesca the THIRD.
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Something to keep your interest piqued during those 15 minute intervals.

Sesame Street & Electric Company DVDs
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Java, anyone?

(this one dates from the Ed Sullivan show -- would love to find the one I remember, with the fuschia and the orange)
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I can't decide what I like best about "So You Think You Can Dance":

The quite obviously hot Dmitri,
My amazingly fabulous Mormon West Coast Swing champion Benji, or
listening to Cat Deeley talk about the joojiz.
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Raj for Congress!

(I suppose I can still vote for Christopher Walken for President, though...)
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I just discovered that IMDb allows a search by multiple films/tv shows, and spits out the actors/crew members in common.

I <3 IMDb.
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all the things that happened )
So I've got that going for me. ;)
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While Dana is out at school or on hospital rotation shifts several nights a week, I'm not sitting at home alone doing nothing. Shh... )
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long and rambly )

Propped up drooling at my computer, I remain your faithful correspondent.
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I have no idea why she's wearing opaque black tights, a black and white dress, and fuschia pumps. Then again, I'm wearing duty boots and forgot to pack face powder, so I'm a fine one to talk.

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So far my favorite handle is "Blanche Davidian" but I suspect [ profile] snarkymarcy might prefer "Clownsnack."
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Flippin' like a pancake,
Poppin' like a cork,
Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snork.
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At long last (because I know you're all just foaming at the mouth about this), our NYC "Apprentice: Martha Stewart" trip. It's a Good Thing. )


Nov. 29th, 2005 04:05 pm
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I've been playing phone tag with the travel people about my MS:Apprentice sweeps win, and I've scored big. I *believe* she was able to get us tickets to "Spamalot," and instead of the giftcard for food/spa (because the hotel has no spa and the restaurant is under renovations), she's getting me a check for that amount.

AND I get to see Hateful Jim in person! (no one will understand that, because no one else watches the show, but there you have it)
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I'm fond of weekends when I can't really remember what happened, because there was a lot of it.
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