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Regarding this entry:

The winner is [ profile] 3fingeredsalute, for the word in question was "heat."

Not even *I* am desperate enough to eat pee-infused Duds.

(The complete transcription is: "Happiness is playing *all* weekend at the renaissance festival with my friends. Sadness is discovering that my bag of Milk Duds was exposed to heat, and it's a bag of Milk Dud.")
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Dana and I spent a blissful couple days up in Arlington at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City, where we caught up with old friends and ate a LOT of damn food. On Friday we wanted to get Thai at our favorite place, only we were far too full from breakfast, so we went to see a movie and then reassessed. Still too full, so we saw another movie and then beat feet back to Georgetown to go to the Sea Catch, where our wedding chef is now the executive chef, only he wasn't there. Yummy food and a GREAT room, though.

Very, very tired now.

And tomorrow morning we're taking a bike medic class, which will be 4 hours of lecture and then 4 hours of on-bike time. My bicycling skills, they are nonexistent. I fear there will be crying. And then our regular duty shift from 6p to 6a, albeit sans bikes.

I think bed would be prudent at this juncture.
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"These festivals are the best diet ever." Perspicacity, in a rare moment of rational eloquence.

We had SO much fun this weekend! Read more... )

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (Alpaca, for "Belgium")
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because I care about your friends' page length )


P.S. I photoblogged some of this at the Mangoblog for your viewing pleasure. All Jill, except for the parts that aren't.
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Just one last reminder that In Our Cups will be singing at Brewer's Alley in Frederick on Saturday between 4-7pm for the low low price of free -- we would dearly love to see your shining faces in the crowd. Please. Please come be a crowd. Welcome me back (however briefly) to the land North of Virginia again.

(would it help if I said we would have copies of the new Darcy CD?)
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I got a call this morning to tell me that I won grand prize in the Heineken MidAtlantic Basketball Sweepstakes. Three days/two nights in Washington, DC, from 3/25/06 - 3/27/06, two tickets to attend a Men's College Basketball Regional Tournament Game at the MCI Center, and $800 cash.

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I'm back out on the porch this morning, blinking at the brightness of the light, and enjoying the current just-rightness of the temperature. I expect I'll be changing into less substantial clothing as things heat up -- we're slated for 87 degrees today. I'm hopeful actual Spring is here, instead of that stupid fake Spring that just frustrates everyone. I saw our first robins in JANUARY, for pete's sake, so it's about time.

Saturday I flung myself in a northerly direction, and (crap -- my "N" key just popped off...will fiish later oce I figure that shit out -- help is appreciated)

Edit: A little Krazy Glue later, and I have an N key again. I'm like MacGyver over here -- next, I will fly a plane using only a paperclip, a bag of flour, and a ferret.

Saturday, I flung myself in a northerly direction, and managed to miss most traffic on my way to [ profile] mydwynter's house to rehearse (hang on, doorbell. hello, $1000 from Killian's sweepstakes! where was I?) for a most-of-the-Cups event that [ profile] queenmaggie was kind enough to recommend us for. (yes. that's a preposition there at the end of that sentence. and I don't care, la la laaaaaaa!) We came up with a good list of singable songs, some with teachable choruses, some that will transition nicely into new repetoire. And there was giggling and cat loving and cookie eating and Hugh Laurie admiring, and then I stole her Firefly DVDs.

The return trip was mostly uneventful until I was on the home stretch to discover that all of the lanes on 95 were closed, so now I know more sideroads in my squad's district, which is always a handy thing.

Sunday I decided that it was not only within my grasp but also my mandate to do fuck-all, so I lazed on the porch with Mr. The Dog, with a few frisbee breaks, and we were joined by Dana when he came home from a particularly patient-rich stint at the hospital, so HE was happy. We got to the squad an hour early (to discover that the previous crew had just marked down their unit, and rather than thank us for coming in to relieve them, got all snitty that we were less-than-impressed by their work ethic), marked up a unit, and were sent out on a call that someone else squirreled from us before we could pull all the way out of the bay. Our next call waited until we were just done with dinner, which was very considerate, and the patient was pleasant and talkative and rational, which almost NEVER happens, and then we had no calls until morning. I got my QA paperwork out of the way for the month, and we made some good decisions about how our forms need to adapt and what we'll need to address first.

The End. Or "To Be Continued." Or something.
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all the things that happened )
So I've got that going for me. ;)
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MANY many thanks to all the people who stayed with me last night and talked me off the ledge when I lost my keys last night -- I know I will forget people, but Dave Lister and Vyxen and Steve and Kee and Doc and Randy and Chris and Jill and Glenn and Darcy -- y'all are the best.

(I thought I'd left them on the table with the LOVELY Ani and Russell, who had of course packed everything up tidily and left by the time I made my discovery. One spectacular panic attack, 2 calls to roadside assistance, and much damage control later, I found them. Tucked into the top of my boot. Where I'd PUT THEM FOR SAFEKEEPING.)

Despite several offers of places to crash locally, I doggedly headed down 95 (for the second time in 2 days -- I get to come back up again on Wednesday), going very very quickly and zigzagging all over hell and gone due to the 25 mph winds. Made it safely home at 2:30, called Vyxen to let her know all was well, and crawled into bed.

Six hours later, I'm up. Of course, it wasn't six hours of sleep, because I came home all caffeinated and sugared up, but I'm up. I'll try to grab a nap before hopping on the ambulance tonight.

Thank you again. :)
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After only 5.5 hours in the car, 6 hours of yelling at my computer and an hour and a half of a stressful meeting, I am home safe. Thanks to [ profile] mydwynter for calling and making me giggle so's I'd stay awake.

I need a dog and some mindless TV to stare at. After all, tomorrow is another day.
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At long last (because I know you're all just foaming at the mouth about this), our NYC "Apprentice: Martha Stewart" trip. It's a Good Thing. )
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Felicity from In Our Cups and Dana Lovarelli!

Hello NYC!

Dec. 21st, 2005 04:59 pm
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Dana and I are comfortably ensconced at 54th & 7th. The flight up was unremarkable, although "the car" never met us so we took a cab in. Sad, I always wanted to be met by a driver holding a sign with my name on it.

They're coming at 6:30 to take me to the finale. Dana is sick and may opt to stay home, but I will go and see it all. Turns out it's not just the taping, but an "all VIP" event and after-party...and we dressed for a city in a transit strike. My most comfy walking shoes are my duty boots, and if anyone has a problem with me in jeans & clompy boots, they may kiss my ass and get me event details before I travel next time.

Maybe there will be a Martha goody bag!! :-D
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I got the package from the sweepstakes people today. We *DO* have tickets for "Spamalot"! Pretty stellar ones, too -- second row, aisle.

Three hundred bucks a pop. I think I need some spangly new britches to sit in THOSE seats! :D

We still haven't heard from the Martha Stewart people regarding the finale. If I don't get a call today, I'll contact the sponsor again and see what they can dig up for us. Sadly, the manic Hateful Jim was canned just before they went to the Final 2, so it's a choice between the slightly corporate blonde and the slightly creative brunette.
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I haven't really posted since we got home from Atlanta, but I have been reading y'all!

click here for the unending details )

Does anyone know if top soil has a shelf life? We have about 9 bags of it from this June/July, still sealed in the original opaque bags, and didn't know whether it should be pitched or just relocated from the middle of the garage floor.
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Dana and I are in ATL waiting for our 9pm flight (now 10:17). I perhaps shouldn't be so amused when I'm caught in convective delays, but there you have it.

I'll post more from home, but we had a WONDERFUL time, and did lots of shopping. Wheeeeee!!!


Nov. 29th, 2005 04:05 pm
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I've been playing phone tag with the travel people about my MS:Apprentice sweeps win, and I've scored big. I *believe* she was able to get us tickets to "Spamalot," and instead of the giftcard for food/spa (because the hotel has no spa and the restaurant is under renovations), she's getting me a check for that amount.

AND I get to see Hateful Jim in person! (no one will understand that, because no one else watches the show, but there you have it)
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Thursday, Dana and I set out for Nawhfuhk VA for the 2005 Virginia EMS Symposium. We had a great time -- I got to meet many of his instructors/friends from his paramedic class, see people I've met since starting this thing back in January, do a little networking in anticipation of some stuff we'd like to undertake at the squad, and take a few classes in the balance.

Oh, and eat a lot. :) Thursday, we had a lovely dinner, just the two of us, at Shula's...first time in a long while we've been able to relax and eat and eat and eat and enjoy each other's company. Burgers Friday lunch, Johnny Rocket's Friday dinner, Nacho Mama's Saturday lunch, banquet (with Willard Scott speaking) Saturday night, and then Cracker Barrel for breakfast on the way home.

I took classes in HIPAA, Geriatric Trauma, Trauma From the Field to the ED, Domestic Violence, and a cadaver lab. (I blew off Crush Injuries and How To Tell One Psych Patient From Another.) I got little bits of useful information from most classes, but overall they were pretty boring (lots of micronapping).

The cadaver lab was pretty rough -- I pictured an operating arena with a corpse that they'd be autopsying and talking us through. Instead, there were a ROOM full of them in body bags, about 5 of them exposed in varying stages of, um, exposure, and then individual body part stations around the room where they showed us different organs and pathologies. We were invited to touch anything we wanted at any of the stations, and while it was an opportunity I'll likely not get again, I decided to pass. (I have restless hands, and I didn't feel like being EXTRA VIGILANT about NOT TOUCHING my face/shirt/pants/hair/FACE. As it was, I was extra vigilant *anyway*.) But I have a much better sense of What Is Where, especially in the abdomen.

Did you know that livers are REALLY REALLY large? Like, the size of your head?

At Saturday's banquet, I met a woman named Carolyn who is a classically-trained singer, lives in Richmond, and has promised to give me the hookup to the music scene in the city. I may soon have a place to sing!

So...that's where I've been and what's been going on. Anyone want to fling the icon-making link for these little anime-looking ones many of you are sporting?

Oh -- and Hagen was supposed to be home today (after 3 weeks of obedience training/boarding during symposium), but the breeder had to run out of town on an emergency, so that's been put off until Wednesday. I WANT MY PUPPY BACK!!

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