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I got home to discover that the cleaning people had locked the one lock that we don't. Left a message with them, went to their offices, pounded on the door a la Furio Giunta, came home to get in through a window Dana had left open. Found all windows closed, called two locksmiths, and a half hour and $63.95 later, I was in the house. Mr. The Dog had very obligingly not soiled his crate during the delay.

BUT! Coming in the front door, I got a chance to check on the birds nest. Lookit!

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It's been a coon's age since I updated -- and while I haven't been running around like a lunatic the whole time, I'm generally tired when I get home. :(

The big news is that Hagen came home on Thursday! He seems to have weathered the flight in grand form, and is currently sacked out on the floor next to me. He is still stinky, still a gigantic goober, and still gets remarkably upset if we sing the "doggie butt" song to him.

Work continues to go well. I'm a little concerned that there's an ice storm tonight and I don't know if I'm supposed to go in or not, but I figure I'll show up anyway and in the worst case I'll just look dedicated.

We got one of the TempurPedic mattresses, which I've taken to quite well, and now I'm all achy when I sleep on anything else (like the horrid $99 specials we have at the squad).

And now...I enter sweeps. Because I haven't in a long while. :)

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