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On Sunday morning, I checked in on my bird's nest -- mama was sitting in the nest, jamming food down the little throats that popped up. She spied me through the window and flew off, which was normal for her.

Sunday evening, around 6, I opened the front door to let someone in. The bird's nest was empty, and the top of it had been ripped apart and strewn on the stoop. Bits of the silk flower arrangement were also ripped apart and scattered on the ground. No sign of birds or remains.

The nest sat 5 and a half feet off the ground on a brick wall in a sconce, with no ledges or things nearby (plus, I've never seen cats on our property).

Anyone got any clues? Did I spook them? Is this what happens when birds decide it's time for the little ones to fly?


Nov. 25th, 2006 11:03 am
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It occurs to me that I haven't updated in a coon's age, so here goes.

The new job is going well -- they like my work, I like having something to think about for a change, Dana and I can carpool most mornings and get together for lunch. Getting used to being out of the house for 10+ hours a day is taking some getting used to, though. I'm trying to start a load of laundry every morning so it just needs to be dried and put away when we get home at night.

We found a marvelous butcher AND a store that specializes in fresh pasta, so we're feeling a lot happier on the food front. The pasta place isn't the most convenient place in the world, but it's a damn sight better than buying up at Dean and Deluca in DC and schlepping it home.

Haven't heard anything about Hagen in a bit. I emailed Conny last week to see how he was doing, and whether she would be having a birthday party for him with a silly hat next month. :) I miss my big black nose.

I'm writing this from the rescue squad. Dana and I pulled duty Wednesday night and Thanksgiving day, plus our normal Friday night shift, and we're staying over until 5pm today. He's outside with his rescue team, going over what is on the truck and what should be on the truck and where, and putting things under the dumpster to make it lean, and fun things like that. *I* am entering sweepstakes and staying inside where it's warm. Tomorrow, I want to sleep in. :) But I must finish decorating for Christmas and cleaning -- yesterday I got most of the tree up and situated, so now it wants trimming and the house decorations scattered appropriately.

The Symphony Chorus is coming up on a big performance weekend next week. We'll do Handel's Messiah on Friday and Monday nights, and then a Christmas pops concert on the Saturday inbetween. The symphony conductor is sidelined with a detached retina until at least January, so we have no idea who will be conducting. It could be a different person for each concert -- should be exciting.

Sweeps-wise, I haven't won a thing all month. I got a coupon for a free Armor All product yesterday, but I won that back in September. I haven't had a lot of time to enter them, but I would have thought that the wins would trickle off over the next couple months, rather than precipitously. Perhaps it just means that I'm due for something nice. ;)

Tonight is my 20th HS reunion, which I will not be attending (as it's in Bethesda and I am here). I didn't mind missing it in the least, but last night I got an email from my tennis partner/gym buddy, who is going and pretty much only wanted to see me. It was lovely to hear from her, and I'm looking forward to catching up.

I think that's all I've got. I'm reading some of you on a regular basis, and the rest of you when I can, but if there's something you desperately want to talk about, drop me an email at my normal address. Love love love.
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And that's all the news that's fit to report.
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This morning, [ profile] dfilove mowed the entire front lawn and did the trimming as well! This is the first mow of the season, and the grass has really greened up nicely.

While everything looked so nice, I snapped a couple quick photos so you have a point of reference for my planty ramblings. photos back here )
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Today I decided to clean our tub, which is a big soaking jetted jobby. While I was scrubbing at it, I decided to unscrew one of the jet covers. EWWWWWWWWWWW. It was green and very vibrant back there.

I unscrewed all of the jet covers and the air intake cover and set them to soak in the sink with bleach, and then I stopped up the tub and filled it with warm water and bleach. I ran the jets for 10 minutes total over about an hour (I had to keep stopping because the soap residue in the jets caused so much foam), and then drained the tub. Then I filled it back up with cold water, and ran the jets for another 10 minutes, drained it, and then scrubbed it all down (where the foam had bubbled up and then dried, there was yellow scungy residue).


All of those long relaxing baths? I was soaking in it. Makes me want to go wash -- someplace else.

I have since learned that for jetted tubs, you should not use oil-based bath stuff. Soaps and foaming thingies are just fine, but you should avoid oil.

Please. Go bleach your tubs.


Mar. 9th, 2006 08:59 am
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Call me an optimist -- I schlepped the laptop and accoutrements out onto the screen porch today, in an effort to hasten Spring along her merry way. Expected high today: 74. Current temp: 53, with a breeze. My mouse hand is a little stiff from the chill. :)

But the dog is happy, being able to smell things and hear things, so he is a big sleepy pile. Sleepy dogs are the best.
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Tuesday, we had a guy from DirecTV come out to hook up a new HD Tivo and an antenna. The appointment was between 1 and 5. He showed up at 5:15 (after dark), needed another guy, waited for him, and got it hooked up. The antenna wasn't working, though, and the cables for the old Tivo's new location weren't run, but it was 9:45 when they left.

We were out of town all Wednesday with the dog, so we set up an appointment today between 1 and 5. He showed up at 5:15 or so, without the other guy who was SUPPOSED to come, and started working.

It's 8:15. The antenna works. The cables for the other box? Not so much -- he's having problems running them. I have already had to help out by feeding them into one box while he pulls them out of someplace else two floors up. At 7, I asked how much longer this would take (because we have not yet eaten), and was told 30 minutes.

I'm hungry and I'm cranky. I have to go to the grocery store to get rolls and cole slaw (BBQ in the crockpot), but his truck is blocking the driveway and I made the decision when he GOT HERE that I would wait until he was done and then go, because why stop progress?

I think I'm just going to go serve up the food on something. I *HATE* eating when there are people in the house (unless, obviously, they are GUESTS, because that's what we DO when we have guests. Mangia!). I work my entire day around when I can get food, if there are people coming, because I think it's rude to eat in front of people.

But it's rude to come late and need me to help and be here during dinnertime anyway, so fuck this.
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So. Last night was my first on the ambulance. In a 12-hour shift, we got SIX calls.

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I got voted in at the rescue squad (I suspect they didn't even check my references, given that Dana's a member), and tonight is my first shift. I have my very sexxah cardboard-like pants, a hard leather belt, and extremely dykey boots to match my new short hair.

(Note to patients: the boots are not waterproof, but they were the only ones in my size; please do not bleed on them.)

(Note to self: buy other boots ASAP.)

Tomorrow is my last catechism class, wherein I believe I will be tested, and given specific details on what will happen next week when I'm baptized.

(Note to self: you are too old to carry off a frilly white dress; don't consider it.)

Hagen is enormous now, and still full of puppy energy. We adore him, but oh how tiring he can be.

This week we had exterior lighting installed, to better show off the house and plants (those that are living, at any rate). We still await the patio contractors ("Monday. This Monday. Yes, ma'am. For sure."), at which time the lighting guys will come back to finish the installation on the back of the house, and I'm waiting the next call from the landscaper so I can continue to tear him a new one. I love contractors, ohyesido.

I've been directed by The Boss to find a SQL course, either live or online. Anyone got any input?

Have a marvelous weekend, and don't get sick in our region!
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I have an eNORmous red-headed woodpecker out my back window, flitting from tree to tree looking for sustenance. I love watching him slam his little face into the tree.

[ profile] dfilove and I went to see a stamped concrete installation by the people we want to have redo the Ugliest Patio Ever. The house is over in another golf-course/lake community -- we'd driven through it before, and decided we liked ours better. I'm pretty sure the house we saw is the largest one there -- I swear I expected Carmela Soprano to come out. Enormous gates at the driveway, full-time gardener, pool, pool house, dock with pavilion, huge huge huge. And two very sweet Weimaraners and three kitties, one of whom was kind enough to let me scoop up and pour some love onto. Oh, and really really spectacular concrete (next to some less-than-spectacular work done by other companies before she found these guys).

But I think we've definitely found our concrete people -- after we see what the builder is going to do. We had an offer from them to refund the money that we'd spent, which covered most of the cost of having most of the patio jackhammered out and replaced -- the part they weren't removing would be covered by more concrete, giving us a two-layer effect. We got a letter from the president of builder, who wants to make us happy (and have the less-than-happy web coverage go away), and he suggested that they would replace the patio themselves, only they're afraid we wouldn't be satisfied. I suppose at this point we see if they'll use our concrete guys as subs, since we've seen what their sub is capable of.
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Or, why I hate the gas company.

long rambly phone conversation, colored by PMS )

::goes looking for salt and chocolate::
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Is it a sign of the season that I now read "Cialis" as "Claus" when I scan through my spam folder?

[ profile] thatliardiego, you have email from me at your liesofbrian account (in case I got caught in YOUR spam folder).

The choir's first Mass was horrid. We were under-rehearsed, although we may as well not have rehearsed at all, given that the director threw new things at us just before service, and again mid-service. I'm going to see if I can meet with him independently, or whether we can perhaps rehearse more regularly. We're not scheduled to meet again until just before next week's Mass, and we haven't looked at that material at all -- I think he plans for us to sing "the Rossini," which sounds complicated to me but is apparently standard. I'd prefer not to wing it if possible. But hey -- I'm meeting people! :)

We woke up Sunday morning to discover a short in one of the three phases coming to the house. We had complete power in some rooms, and in others we had either no power or some power that flickered on and off. Dominion Power's automated system registered my call, and then I got a call back within minutes. At first the guy said he'd make a note of my call, but when I mentioned that it didn't look like our neighbors had power either, he sent a team out right away. Good thing too, because it *WAS* just our problem. The whole thing was completed within an hour and a half from my call to them. :D

That is all.
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Well, another week has gone by here at Foolish Pleasure South. It's been quiet on the Random Subcontractors Showing Up To Fix/Install Stuff front -- today we had the sprinkler guy finish the heads in the beds and set up the rain sensor.

In other exciting news, I spent many hours on the phone trying to solve printing problems, and we can now print IN COLOR from three different computers to one printer (which involved installing a driver for a completely different product). Now I just have to get the fax component up and running and we'll be golden.

We continue to unpack boxes bit by bit -- the recycling pickup is Monday, so if we can get through a few more by then, we can get rid of the empties! The house looked so much better after getting rid of the ~80 last week. I have learned which shoes to use for spider smashing, and keep them handy in areas we've seen the leggy bastards. Dana's mastering the new kitchen equipment, and I'm delighted at how easy it is to move around while we're cooking together (or rather, while he's cooking and I'm getting a headstart on the dishes).

Right outside my office window is a tree (okay, there's lot of trees, but most of them are pines) that's changing color as I watch. Even though I had a window at my office in Arlington, it was 11 stories up overlooking the city; I'm so happy to be able to watch the seasons change. :D

This weekend: a visit to the local farmer's market, and we'll get some of the art on the walls! Have a marvelous weekend!
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"Add your new phone numbers to the National Do Not Call List."

OMFG, these people get your number FAST and call you all the damn time! Hate them all! It's going to take a bit before our new numbers are assimilated into the directory.

It HAS called to my attention how incredibly effective the Do Not Call List is, though. :)

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::emerging from my dark hole, blinking at the sun::

We are now Virginians! We don't have the papers to prove it yet, but we'll head over to the DMV to get licensed and registered to vote (deadline for the November elections is today).

The house is mostly fabulous, with little problems we're tracking for our GC to fix -- he's supposed to be here sometime today. We jerryrigged up drapes in the bathroom and bedroom, so the neighbors aren't getting a free show; looks like hell, but we figure that's incentive to solve the window covering problem sooner rather than later. (Though not for lack of trying -- we've been to blinds places four separate times, and keep getting stymied by our GREAT BIG GIANT bedroom windows. It's going to be spendy to solve that, so if we're dropping the cash, we want to do it right...and therein lies the delay. Neither of us have had brain cells enough to spare to make those sorts of decisions yet.)

I think we've got about 90% of the unpacking done, and most of what's left are books that we're not unpacking until we've got a better final solution for them. We did an assload of unpacking while the movers were still here Thursday and Friday, and they took a LOT of boxes away, but we've got empty boxes stacked up in several different places. Time to find the local dump, I guess!

Going dark

Sep. 29th, 2004 08:15 am
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This is a farewell post, before I ::sniff:: turn off my computer and ::sob:: allow it to be packed up.

God willing and the creek don't rise (our new house is under a flood statement until 7:27pm tonight), the cable modem installer comes on Friday, along with the satellite dish installer. Phone, water, gas, electric, and trash cans have been/will be handled by then. Actually, phone is the only thing that hasn't been done yet -- the rest are a matter of being switched over to our names.

Today we load up the semi, pick up/drop off some pieces at my Dad's house, run some last minute errands, and then clean this place for the new owners. Thankfully, trash pick up is tomorrow, so by the time they arrive, they'll have none of our trash and three big cans to use (SUCH a nice housewarming gift!). Dana and I drive to Chesterfield tonight, and will hole up in a hotel -- I'm hoping we can get in by 9 to catch The Apprentice!

Thursday morning, the movers show up with the semi, and the entire process begins in reverse. We know where 96% of everything will live; it's that last 4% that has me a bit concerned, because the piano falls into it, and it's a choice of rooms on different floors. Everything else should be easily moved around by us as we change our minds.

Cross your fingers for us! I should re-emerge from the Cone of Silence sometime this weekend. Play nice, y'all!
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Thank you for the birthday wishes! I wish I could have been out playing at faire or elsewhere with y'all; I spent the day at home while our lives were being packed. 4 guys, 6.5 hours, and we think they've still got a couple of hours left with the packing before we load the truck on Wednesday. I figure that would have taken Dana and me at least 80 hours of work, plus all the stress involved -- ick.

After the packers left, we went to Expo to talk window treatments and get faucets...very exciting. Only managed to handle the faucet part, as Grumpy Window Guy was all by himself and working with another customer when we got there. 30 minutes later, we opted to set up an appointment for this Tuesday.

For dinner, we had yummy ribs and alcohol and an ice cream sundae -- it was a great ending. :)

MANY thanks to [ profile] snarkymarcy for Trekkies 2! Holy crap, is this fabulous -- Dana hadn't seen the first film and was dying right along with me, but I do recommend seeing them both. There's so much -- a few highlights include:
  • Bad dental work!
  • Bad dental non-work!
  • Gabriel! Having sex now! With a woman! Who is creepy!
  • Star Trek quiche parties!
  • Golfing with bat'leths!
  • An enormous subculture of Trek-inspired bands! Playing nearly unintelligible music! Sometimes in Klingon!
  • "I outrank thith teddy bear by sixth rankth"!

Anyway -- we head to Richmond with most of the wine after Mass today. I'll be out of pocket until late tomorrow night -- play nice, y'all!
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I'm hoping someone out there might have a suggestion. We went to order window coverings for 3 rooms yesterday. The bedroom window casing is 112.5" wide, which is wider than they can do roman shades (we were looking at the Hunter Douglas Vignette series, fwiw). Splitting the area into halves or thirds will be visually unattractive, and not conducive to blocking out the light (which is the point). Other shade options they had weren't attractive or effective, especially for the prices they charge.

SO -- we think Plan B will be to have curtains made. Has anyone had experience, good or bad, in the DC area with different curtain people? We're looking for blackout drapes, on a single rod (as opposed to sheers plus drapes), with fullness -- I like the ease of tab tops but hate my compulsion to even them out, pleated tops with hooks would be fine, as would sleeve tops.

Not sure at the moment how long we'd be looking at -- I only had the casement height information (and that's at home), but I suspect we'd look at either to the floor or to the bottom of the casement.
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So...apparently the 5.5 hour walkthrough was a record for Waldron. I ascribe that to me being anal-retentive as much as anything else.

I took copious notes, and measurements of windows, and...promptly left my notepad down there. ::doh:: Gary's going to call me today with those measurements (if he doesn't find the notebook itself) so we can order window coverings for a couple rooms.

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And that's all *I* know.

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