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Aug. 3rd, 2006 12:41 pm
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Nothing much has been going on lately. Hagen's got 12 kinds of cabin fever, since it's too hot for him to go out for long -- I set my timer for 15 minutes at a whack when he insists, and generally I find him sitting at the back door waiting for me by that time. I've been trying to go out with him after dark and chase him around, so he gets to stretch his legs a bit.

Tomorrow and Saturday, Dana and I will be in Williamsburg taking an Advanced Medical Life Support class, and Friday night we'll zoom back here for duty. He takes his paramedic class the following Friday and Saturday, although I won't be able to go there and stay over with him because the vet has no room to board Hagen those nights. :( Hagen's pretty distracting in a hotel room, so bringing him with us wouldn't be a viable option.

I haven't gotten back up to the driving range since my lesson because of the heat, either. As soon as it breaks, though, it's a priority. I posted the club calendar next to our own, so I'll have a constant reminder.


Jul. 27th, 2006 11:22 am
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I'm drinking my first mocha cappuccino Perfectly Protein drink from the good folks at Bolthouse Farms, and DAMN it's tasty! Just as good as the Starbucks bottled frappuccinos that I love, and much better for me. And now I have a choice for days when I'd rather not have chai.

Happy birthdays to [ profile] scaleslea and [ profile] whizzrjohn!

I'm not achy from my golf lesson. This is encouraging.

(Wherefore art thou, [ profile] cake_o_rama?)
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We live (as I may have mentioned) in a golf course community. Last year I bought clubs and shoes and gloves and balls and tees and socks, and imMEEEEEDiately did nothing. (This stupefied the ant.) But today I made an appointment for a lesson, and I took my never-golfed-except-for-PuttPutt self over there and sweated in the hot sun.

And it was fun! Sure, it felt unnatural and weird and there are 12 million things to think about all at once, none of which I was able to process intuitively, but sometimes I hit the ball and it flew straight and not to the left or the right or just rolling away from me down the hill, and there was a thuffunk and the tee and some turf went flying, too. And THAT was a cool feeling.

I'm setting a goal of going over twice a week and hitting a half-bucket, and I've signed up for a five-lesson series. Jimmy is nice and low-key, and was happy that a) he didn't have to break me of any bad habits, and b) I didn't suck as mightily as I'd feared.

Who knew?

(now I need a golf kitty)
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We had a busy weekend, which will be followed by a busy week. I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. This is my first Easter in *any* religion...I really had no idea what I was in for. So -- if things get quiet over here, assume I'm rehearsing or singing or trying desperately not to think un-Christian thoughts about my fellow choir members. Old Vibrato Guy seems to have a death wish for starters, and somehow 5 sopranos can't sing as loud as 2 altos -- I'm loathe to jump in and cover for them anymore, because I *finally* got our director to allow me to sing alto (I can sing the soprano lines, but it's at the very top end of my range, and it's far more pleasant to sing a completely different line than to have them singing juuuuuuust flat of me).

Dana and I cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaned yesterday -- four hours later, most of the house was aired out and vacuumed and dusted and mopped and scrubbed, laundry was done, and the spring linens brought out. We did some work in the closets -- all the hats are now up on trees, and there are fewer boxes to unpack. I was beat by the end of it, but it felt good. The spiders must think so too, because I had to beat one to death with a riding boot in the middle of "Boston Legal" -- he must have come out to inspect the work.

Last week, I joined our Ladies' Golf Association -- I've never played, mind you, but I figured since we live on a course it might be a good time to learn. Plus, I can meet people and stuff. Oh, and walk a lot. Yesterday we went to "look at shoes" for me. I can't think of a time I went to "look" at shoes. I now have shoes, and socks, and balls, and gloves, and a bag of clubs. Dana was amused that I picked the clubs because they were the prettiest set in the starter sets, but that's how I chose my stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, too. :) Next -- lessons! Or, a tournament. One of those.

EMT classes are going well-- we're just past the halfway mark. I'm maintaining a good GPA, and don't seem too confused. It's still a daunting thought that someone could call and ambulance and get ME, like *I* could help them somehow? We shall see.

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