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THANK YOU all for the tsunami of birthday wishes! I had a mostly quiet day (except for the excitement about the Vegas win), and then Dana and I had dinner at the Thai Curry House up in Richmond, followed by Coldstone Creamery (my choice of the 4 free birthday ice cream offers that I received, although I suspect the others won't go unused...).

So now I'm officially in my late 30s, and the next two months and 5 days will be filled with reminders that I am TWO YEARS OLDER than my youngun' of a husband. ;)

salon/children stuff )

Haven't yet gotten the IOC schedule for this weekend, but I will post that as soon as it's in my hot little hands. Will we see any of our stalkers this weekend? (and will they be unionized?)
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The fabulous [ profile] snipeyhead is one of the 2006 Animal Planet "Hero of the Year" finalists! Vote for Alison Gianotto -- vote early and often! (It doesn't seem like there's a limit to the amount you can vote, so make with the clicky! Voting continues through October 30th.)

If she wins, her organization will receive $10,000, and she will get a trip to Hawaii. She'd vote for YOU...go now!

EDIT: I just got off the phone with the Discovery Channel webwoman, and she's fixing the "About Alison" link. She also said that it's only supposed to accept one vote per day, but until that gets fixed, to keep voting until we cain't vote no more!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] netsearcher!! Hope it's a great year for you!
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It occurs to me that it is THURSDAY, and I have not yet posted about last weekend at faire.

It was FABULOUS. :D I can't say enough how much I love singing with [ profile] pyratelady and [ profile] mydwynter! And now, I believe we have a Vision for our Future ::dumdumDUMMMMMM::. And while we were sad that scheduling prevented seeing more of Gypsophilia's performances, it did mean that we had a lot of concurrent downtime and were able to indulge in the OHMY (Osmin/Hamid/Marco/Yasmin) goodness. A big thank you to [ profile] pyratelady for introducing us to the combined musical fun and prettiness that is l'Ensemble Cercamon.

I got to see so many friends who I see so rarely (and pardon the lack of LJ tags, but I'm lazy like that): Sunni, Geoff, Jacqui, Russell, Vyxen, Keltik, 3RR, LIZ, Tom (such an obliging dragon), Sophie (scarred for life), SoulStealer, Audrey, Dee (yes!), Diego, Cyd, Joe, Eowyn, Cozit, Dave Lister, Dawny, Whitey, Queen Maggie, Kee, and about 12 thousand other people whom I'm sure I'll remember right after I hit "post."

And can someone explain to me why it has taken until now for me to meet Falafel? I MUST have her contact information, because she was just far too fun to let slip away. (Falafel goes well with Turkish Delight, for sure.)

Now I can't wait to come back!! September 30/October 1, if you haven't marked your calendars yet.
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Señor MacDobhran was a rogue
On his wifey's cheek he placed a pogue
Today it is his birthday
Meow meow meow
Full of boobies, love and mirth -- hey!
Meow meow meow
For the man we call MacDobhran.

(no puking, now)
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Hippo birdies for the ever-lovely [ profile] kaliopi! I love that I can call you 'friend'!
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Happiest of birthdays to my yummy stalker, [ profile] ani_moore!


Jul. 27th, 2006 11:22 am
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I'm drinking my first mocha cappuccino Perfectly Protein drink from the good folks at Bolthouse Farms, and DAMN it's tasty! Just as good as the Starbucks bottled frappuccinos that I love, and much better for me. And now I have a choice for days when I'd rather not have chai.

Happy birthdays to [ profile] scaleslea and [ profile] whizzrjohn!

I'm not achy from my golf lesson. This is encouraging.

(Wherefore art thou, [ profile] cake_o_rama?)
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You know you've moved to the hinterlands when the stores don't open until noon on Sunday. I'm sitting in my car, sipping my Route 44 cherry limeade (waves to [ profile] ilostonjeopardy), and watching the employees pick their way through the rainy parking lot in their workclothes.

SO glad I no longer work retail.

To close, for [ profile] pyratelady's amusement:
Fingers: Cozumelted in the Sun
Toes: Your Villa Or Mine?
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"These festivals are the best diet ever." Perspicacity, in a rare moment of rational eloquence.

We had SO much fun this weekend! Read more... )

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (Alpaca, for "Belgium")
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A wish for the happiest of birthdays for our very own [ profile] pyratelady!!!

(There is lambic here, of the raspberry variety. Just sayin'.)
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Friday afternoon saw the arrival of [ profile] pyratelady and [ profile] skivee to FP South, which we heralded by eating Mexican food. Everyone who visits must go have Mexican, mostly because it involves me getting to eat That Yummy Sauce. Then Brewster's for ice cream, then bed.

Pedro says "Come to South of the Border after you have dental surgery!"

Saturday morning, the pyratical types headed to some field someplace, and Family Love piled in the Magic Car and went to Williamsburg for PALS class. Returned late Saturday, reconvened with guests, ate a thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat, went to sleep and didn't get up until the next morning, when we did it all over again (sans dog, who got to enjoy the a/c at the house).

I passed PALS with a 91%, so now I have more knowledge that I can't implement (not being an advanced provider myself). Still, knowledge is good. I know how to get an intraosseous stick in a baby's leg now, f'rinstance. On Saturday someone called the cops for a "suspicious looking vehicle," so Officer Rick came by to grill us about the Magic Car and the Big Vicious Dog therein, and ended up playing with Hagen for a while.

Dana and I had squad duty last night, but I wasn't feeling well at all so we marked down after only 6 hours and came home to collapse. We had 2 calls though. Dana had to check his math about 17 times, because our second patient had taken NINE HUNDRED doses of a prescription medication "to get high." Which is 450 times the dose for sedation. Kids, don't try that at home.

This coming weekend we get [ profile] pyratelady AND [ profile] mydwynter (and likely Mr. Pyrate Lady) for the whole weekend, and there will be much singing by Us in a Field. Come and get your Cup on!
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because I care about your friends' page length )


P.S. I photoblogged some of this at the Mangoblog for your viewing pleasure. All Jill, except for the parts that aren't.
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Why am I on your friends' list? I'm especially curious about those of you whom I haven't met in real-life. :)
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[ profile] pyratelady and I were shopping tonight, and we found the following skirt at H&M which we decided you need:

Because my camera is not so great, it's a blue and white gingham check, with an apron overlaid on top. Very very short.

(that's Darcy's boob in the back, btw)
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Saturday was pretty quiet -- our shift Friday had been similarly quiet, but I napped when we got home anyway, while [ profile] dfilove headed off to the hospital for another clinical rotation. I got a bunch of houseworky things done, and then we rented movies, but promptly fell asleep when we put the first one in.

Sunday, we were treated to a visit from [ profile] snarkymarcy, [ profile] bonkoif and the Lovely Lady Bella! She was charming and amazed us all with her mad backward-crawling skillz. Pie was consumed. And Hagen was FASCINATED by the teeny snack baby. He would have been delighted to lick her face and hands all day, but she declared ENOUGH after about 5 licks. ("Let's ask Mr. Owl!") I was particularly pleased that he seemed to understand that fingers are fingers, no matter what size, and they are not biteables.

After they left, Dana got some more homework done, I undid the home improvement project we'd attempted that morning, and drove fertilizer stakes for our crepe myrtles. (BTW -- our lawn guy suggested the most ingenious thing -- rather than buy fertilizer spikes, hammer a stake into the ground and remove it, and then pour fertilizer into the hole. Apparently much cheaper, and I can attest that the spikes are a bastard to drive in.)

Tomorrow, I should receive the prize package, including the basketball tickets, which may very well go straight up on eBay, depending on where they're located. :D
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Happy birthday to a Squeakybird (and her Momma and Daddy who do all the heavy lifting)!!
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all the things that happened )
So I've got that going for me. ;)
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Propped up drooling at my computer, I remain your faithful correspondent.

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