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Dana had a class in Norfolk on Saturday, so we dropped off Hagen at doggy daycare and headed down Friday. If you're ever in Norfolk, and you're a foodie, go to Bobbywood. This was our second meal there, and FABULOUS. We started with little "spoons" of appetizers -- mashed potatoes and blue cheese, wild mushroom risotto, cream cheese and leek polenta, and crab mac & cheese. Soup was a roasted red pepper with crab meat, and then Dana had foie gras and I had a YUMMEH goat cheese tart thingy. No idea what he had for dinner, except that it was fab (I was a little cacked by that point), and I had filet mignon with mashed potatoes and cippolini onions. His dessert was chocolate lava cake with pistachio ice cream and chocolate jelly, and I had lemon chess pie with raspberry sorbet and perfectly marvelous raspberries.

Saturday he headed off to class, and I amused myself at the hotel until checkout, and then drove to Virginia Beach to Ewe Knits Kits & Yarn. I tried to look their ratings up on KnitMap, but my Treo wouldn't show me anything and Dana's iPhone would only give us a 5 mile radius. What a lovely store!! They've got about double the stock of my LYS, with only a little overlap, so there was MUCH shopping to be had. They'd never heard of Malabrigo, so I showed them my scarf, and they showed me Manos a Uruguay, which looks just the same but doesn't feel as nice because it's a completely different fiber content. I ended up with the Magic Loop instruction booklet, three sock patterns, a skein of Austermann in husband-approved colors, a skein of Lorna's Laces worsted for me (one of the sock patterns only called for 1 skein!), and some unbelievably yummy rayon chenille that washes and dries from garter stitch to such velvety depths -- I couldn't pass it up.

Sunday was more knitting, with a short visit to my LYS, and then we had pizza with the rescue team at our house. I finished my Ana bandanna which is totally cyoot, and will cast on some fetchings today.



May. 19th, 2007 01:16 pm
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(standardizing my online personalities a bit -- still the same useless rambling you've come to love)

So my computer decided that it was fundamentally unhappy, and created another login for me with the same password, but it wouldn't remember little things like MY EMAIL PASSWORDS. Input password, click "save password," get mail. Popup: "enter your password" Me: "bite my ass"

"The guy" at work offered to rebuild it for me, so we've restored the original settings and I'm now in the fabulous process of trying to remember all the handy shit I had installed on it before, and getting them back in place. :rolleyes:: Just really what I wanted to do with my weekend.

Last night was the first of three RSO concerts featuring the women of the chorus on Debussy's Syrenes. For fun, we were asked to dress "siren-like," as opposed to just our regular concertwear (formal black, contemporary black, or white top/black bottom). "Siren like" to most of the women meant red, it would seem, although a couple of them wore "boas" -- the most anemic tiny thin featheresque things I've ever seen. I wore a seafoam green beaded/sequined tank top (sort of like labradorite -- hard to describe, but tres elegant) and a black silk chiffon skirt that was reminiscent of waves. Very fun. Our dress change was only supposed to be for last night, but Mark liked it so much he asked us to do it again tonight. I will resist the urge to break out some feathers and show them how it's done.

Took Hagen to the vet yesterday because he wasn't seeming his normal self. Wasn't interested in food at all on Wednesday, and yelping occasionally when he moved. The doc gave him an anti-inflammatory/pain med with instructions to bring him back if he's not better in 5 days. He's MUCH better today, so I think this may have done the trick -- praps he just twisted something.

Got my haircut this week, and bought myself a flat iron, so I'm rocking the sleek look. Fired my manicurist for being a tool (booked me for an appointment, and then offered to take me a half hour later when I showed up at the proper time -- I don't mind a few minutes wait due to walk-ins, but that's why I MADE AN APPOINTMENT) -- am trying out new one.

Next weekend -- In Our Cups at VARF! Houseful of friends and another dog! Five vehicles for five people! And...I expect we'll be busting out THE MARGARATOR...I love Jellyfish so freaking much. :)


Mar. 19th, 2007 08:36 pm
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Many of you know that ice cream is one of the happiest foods I know.

Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Buns ice cream may be the happiest ice cream ever. The chunks of dough I could take or leave, but the rest of it is divine.


Nov. 25th, 2006 11:03 am
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It occurs to me that I haven't updated in a coon's age, so here goes.

The new job is going well -- they like my work, I like having something to think about for a change, Dana and I can carpool most mornings and get together for lunch. Getting used to being out of the house for 10+ hours a day is taking some getting used to, though. I'm trying to start a load of laundry every morning so it just needs to be dried and put away when we get home at night.

We found a marvelous butcher AND a store that specializes in fresh pasta, so we're feeling a lot happier on the food front. The pasta place isn't the most convenient place in the world, but it's a damn sight better than buying up at Dean and Deluca in DC and schlepping it home.

Haven't heard anything about Hagen in a bit. I emailed Conny last week to see how he was doing, and whether she would be having a birthday party for him with a silly hat next month. :) I miss my big black nose.

I'm writing this from the rescue squad. Dana and I pulled duty Wednesday night and Thanksgiving day, plus our normal Friday night shift, and we're staying over until 5pm today. He's outside with his rescue team, going over what is on the truck and what should be on the truck and where, and putting things under the dumpster to make it lean, and fun things like that. *I* am entering sweepstakes and staying inside where it's warm. Tomorrow, I want to sleep in. :) But I must finish decorating for Christmas and cleaning -- yesterday I got most of the tree up and situated, so now it wants trimming and the house decorations scattered appropriately.

The Symphony Chorus is coming up on a big performance weekend next week. We'll do Handel's Messiah on Friday and Monday nights, and then a Christmas pops concert on the Saturday inbetween. The symphony conductor is sidelined with a detached retina until at least January, so we have no idea who will be conducting. It could be a different person for each concert -- should be exciting.

Sweeps-wise, I haven't won a thing all month. I got a coupon for a free Armor All product yesterday, but I won that back in September. I haven't had a lot of time to enter them, but I would have thought that the wins would trickle off over the next couple months, rather than precipitously. Perhaps it just means that I'm due for something nice. ;)

Tonight is my 20th HS reunion, which I will not be attending (as it's in Bethesda and I am here). I didn't mind missing it in the least, but last night I got an email from my tennis partner/gym buddy, who is going and pretty much only wanted to see me. It was lovely to hear from her, and I'm looking forward to catching up.

I think that's all I've got. I'm reading some of you on a regular basis, and the rest of you when I can, but if there's something you desperately want to talk about, drop me an email at my normal address. Love love love.
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Two weekends ago, the incomparable [ profile] pyratelady and I set out to replicate the dangerous sounding Schadenfreude Pie. In an effort to do justice to the original recipe, we photoblogged the experience. Let it be a warning unto you.

graphics heavy, emotionally crushing )
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I don't know if your karma will allow you to make it, but this recipe for Schadenfreude Pie looks MIGHTY tasty...
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Regarding this entry:

The winner is [ profile] 3fingeredsalute, for the word in question was "heat."

Not even *I* am desperate enough to eat pee-infused Duds.

(The complete transcription is: "Happiness is playing *all* weekend at the renaissance festival with my friends. Sadness is discovering that my bag of Milk Duds was exposed to heat, and it's a bag of Milk Dud.")
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Dana took the practical portion of the NREMT paramedic test yesterday, and passed! At this moment, he's sitting down with a 3-hour written exam, and then he will fling himself homeward -- he's been gone since Thursday, and I miss him terribly. He won't find out the results of the written portion for another couple of weeks or so, but I have every confidence he'll breeze through.

The kitchen is full of what looks like too much alcohol and various foodstuffs. Between now and 1-ish, I have to make the bed and vacuum the entry level, give all the bathrooms the once over, make four dips and a garlic aioli, prep up 6 pounds of potatoes, and run back out to the store for ice, more beer, a cake, and a big loaf of pumpernickel for the spinach dip.

I have the vaguest idea of how many people are coming over, but they're casual enough that if we run out of food, I think I can direct them out to the nearest grocery to pick up reinforcements.


Jul. 27th, 2006 11:22 am
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I'm drinking my first mocha cappuccino Perfectly Protein drink from the good folks at Bolthouse Farms, and DAMN it's tasty! Just as good as the Starbucks bottled frappuccinos that I love, and much better for me. And now I have a choice for days when I'd rather not have chai.

Happy birthdays to [ profile] scaleslea and [ profile] whizzrjohn!

I'm not achy from my golf lesson. This is encouraging.

(Wherefore art thou, [ profile] cake_o_rama?)
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You know you've moved to the hinterlands when the stores don't open until noon on Sunday. I'm sitting in my car, sipping my Route 44 cherry limeade (waves to [ profile] ilostonjeopardy), and watching the employees pick their way through the rainy parking lot in their workclothes.

SO glad I no longer work retail.

To close, for [ profile] pyratelady's amusement:
Fingers: Cozumelted in the Sun
Toes: Your Villa Or Mine?
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...there's a 50% chance I'm groggy.

I'm out on the screen porch, while Mr. The Dog is down in his newly-fenced backyard. I haven't heard his collar jingle lately, so I suspect he's curled up on the patio enjoying the cool cool concrete. Correction: Just as I typed that, I heard jingling. He doesn't quite grasp yet that he can run around all by himself, but I suspect that realization isn't far off.

I picked up some more "pods" for the coffee maker, and am enjoying a cup of raspberry truffle tea. Not bad, sez I. I'm hopeful that they'll release chai and hot chocolate pods soon.

EMS stuff back here )

Tonight we're going to visit another rescue squad to see about joining them. Our squad's continued lack of leadership or professional pride continues to dismay. Dana's takes his medic test in August, and should get his results by September. He got the highest grade ever in the history of the program -- I'm so proud of him!

I'm sure I'll think of many more things to post shortly. If anyone wanted to request a picture, I'm here all day. :)

Please be careful this holiday -- remember that people around you will not take the same care that you might. Be alert, be safe, stay hydrated, don't blow off your fingers.
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I just got an email saying I'd won a Krups Home Cafe coffeemaker! We have a good Cuisinart that grinds beans, but this is a pod system, and I've been secretly longing for one (as an infrequent coffeedrinker, I love the easy cleanup part). :)
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Tonight at dinner, Dana said "The Governor is behind you."

"The Governor? THE Governor?"

"Yeah, Tim Kaine. Turn around."

"I don't know what he looks like."

"Yes, you do. Turn around."

And indeed, I did. And he and his wife ordered the same appetizer and pizza that we'd eaten, displaying their good taste.

- fin -
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I realize it's summer and hot beverages may be the last thing on your mind, but I'd like to heartily recommend Wawa's hot buttered rum drink thingy. It's not coffee, but just like a big mugful of liquid butter rum LifeSavers.

That is all.
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My class starts today at 1, so I'm spending my last few free hours in the hotel room with Hagen, entering sweeps. So far he's been really good when we've left him in the room -- I haven't heard any barking. But today he'll be alone for 5 hours, and then tomorrow and Saturday most of the day (with a break at lunch). He's pacing around the room now looking for spare biscuit bits he may have missed while extricating the others from his Kong.

Dana's off at the "frog pond" again -- today they're taking apart cars on their sides, and cars on their roofs. Despite that they billed the class as teaching new extrication methods based on today's cars, nothing has really changed since the last time he took this a few years back. Plus, the instructors seem to be telling them what to do, but not really why -- I know the guys from our squad who are in Dana's group are happy to have him give background.

Oh, and Nature Valley granola bars are teh suxx0rs.
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30 seconds of an advert, followed by THE BEST 56 SECONDS OF YOUR PANDA-LOVING LIFE.

(and then, hi!monkey!'s recipe for Panda Cub-cakes.)
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AND HAPPY FLAG DAY! When we lived in Germany, we were in a duplex house with an ex-pat American agronomist and his common law German wife. He was terrified that the government would come and get him and make him go home, and he used to throw a fit any time my father put out the flag because he viewed it as an "Americans here!" beacon. To this day, any flag-related holiday is marked by flying the flag in memory of John Lau.

Dana and I made the trek from home to VA Tech yesterday afternoon, with a couple of stops in search of an ABC store. We're ensconced in the Inn at Virginia Tech, which is the same building as the conference center all of our classes are in. Hagen's crate is by the window, and so far he's been great. Dana's in a 2-day vehicle extrication class today and tomorrow, and then Friday-Sunday he's got an EMS Leadership class. My search and rescue class starts tomorrow afternoon, and runs through Sunday -- all class-based except Saturday, where they take us out and presumably get us lost. Dana's leadership class is supposed to have him sequestered from morning until night all three days, but I'm really hoping he'll be able to slip out on Saturday to let Hagen out around lunch. For evenings, Dana has two types of scotch, and I have Bacardi Apple and a Cocktails by Jenn variety tote (just in case any of you doubted my frightening girliness level).

I have uniform pants and boots, a compass (with a mirror for handy lipstick checks), my Powerpuff Girls baseball cap, a whistle, raingear, extrication gloves, a daypack and a separate CamelBak, and four bags of gorp and a bag of beef jerky. I suspect I'll have to stop by Kroger or something on Friday night to grab an actual lunch for Saturday, because the gorp is tasty but I don't want to eat just that. I was able to grab some more of the Bolthouse Farms Purely Protein chai drink, which I ADORE, and should keep the hungries away and give me energy at least in the morning.

I predict that I will break a nail (Route Beer Float), and I will NOT be happy. Not one bit.
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Dana and I spent a blissful couple days up in Arlington at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City, where we caught up with old friends and ate a LOT of damn food. On Friday we wanted to get Thai at our favorite place, only we were far too full from breakfast, so we went to see a movie and then reassessed. Still too full, so we saw another movie and then beat feet back to Georgetown to go to the Sea Catch, where our wedding chef is now the executive chef, only he wasn't there. Yummy food and a GREAT room, though.

Very, very tired now.

And tomorrow morning we're taking a bike medic class, which will be 4 hours of lecture and then 4 hours of on-bike time. My bicycling skills, they are nonexistent. I fear there will be crying. And then our regular duty shift from 6p to 6a, albeit sans bikes.

I think bed would be prudent at this juncture.

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