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Life down here in Chestertucky remains happily busy. Dana's up in DC for a couple days on business, I'm eating ice cream, and Hagen is sleeping on the floor next to me.

Every week at work brings a new and different challenge -- building new apps, fixing old ones, adapting yet others -- and there seems to be no shortage of future projects. I haven't yet decided what I'm going to do with my old company when they ask me about the industry report; I'm really leaning towards telling them that I'm sorry but I can't do it. I *could* find the time, but it would mean giving up all my weekend/evening time for at least a couple of weeks, and frankly I prefer entering sweeps. :) Plus, since there's really no on-going business with them, there's no need for me to keep funneling money through my "consulting company," although having done so last year meant that we avoided nearly all taxes associated with the work I did for them after they let me go.

Dana's running for the weekend operations officer position at the squad. He would be great at it, and there are two other people running for it who will likely split the vote. We're both at the point where we'll do stuff to help the squad, but we're not going to kill ourselves to convince them why it's a good idea.

We're heading to Vegas over Easter weekend (bad planning on our part; was a convenient weekend work-wise, and we didn't think to look at the calendar to determine why) for the Canyon River sweepstakes trip. Two spa visits each, a room at the Venetian, and the excellent cigar store (and other shopping) right across the street. Today I booked tickets to see Penn & Teller at the Rio on Sunday night; Dana's never seen them, and I saw them at the National Theatre back in the early 90s.

Um. What else? I'm growing out my hair (again), which is now my natural color (again), which is (sadly) more grey than I recall. There are 18 "trees" in the garage awaiting a time when I can plant them, and then I have to trim back all the dead growth on the catmint and give everything a good fertilizing. I'm contemplating taking up quilting, under the gentle nudgitude of [ profile] ladylyonesse. I have either a cold or allergies, which involves a lot of sniffling and the occasional tease of a sneeze that may or may not manifest. And I'm still plugging away at the 25 x 25 sudokus.
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It's been a damn long time since I posted -- no reason, other than I can't post from work, and when I get home...I just haven't felt like it. I still read y'all incessantly, though.
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I think that's all the news that's fit to print. Miss you guys. Hope to see many of you Saturday. Bring chocolate chip cookies (it's worth a shot, right?).


Nov. 25th, 2006 11:03 am
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It occurs to me that I haven't updated in a coon's age, so here goes.

The new job is going well -- they like my work, I like having something to think about for a change, Dana and I can carpool most mornings and get together for lunch. Getting used to being out of the house for 10+ hours a day is taking some getting used to, though. I'm trying to start a load of laundry every morning so it just needs to be dried and put away when we get home at night.

We found a marvelous butcher AND a store that specializes in fresh pasta, so we're feeling a lot happier on the food front. The pasta place isn't the most convenient place in the world, but it's a damn sight better than buying up at Dean and Deluca in DC and schlepping it home.

Haven't heard anything about Hagen in a bit. I emailed Conny last week to see how he was doing, and whether she would be having a birthday party for him with a silly hat next month. :) I miss my big black nose.

I'm writing this from the rescue squad. Dana and I pulled duty Wednesday night and Thanksgiving day, plus our normal Friday night shift, and we're staying over until 5pm today. He's outside with his rescue team, going over what is on the truck and what should be on the truck and where, and putting things under the dumpster to make it lean, and fun things like that. *I* am entering sweepstakes and staying inside where it's warm. Tomorrow, I want to sleep in. :) But I must finish decorating for Christmas and cleaning -- yesterday I got most of the tree up and situated, so now it wants trimming and the house decorations scattered appropriately.

The Symphony Chorus is coming up on a big performance weekend next week. We'll do Handel's Messiah on Friday and Monday nights, and then a Christmas pops concert on the Saturday inbetween. The symphony conductor is sidelined with a detached retina until at least January, so we have no idea who will be conducting. It could be a different person for each concert -- should be exciting.

Sweeps-wise, I haven't won a thing all month. I got a coupon for a free Armor All product yesterday, but I won that back in September. I haven't had a lot of time to enter them, but I would have thought that the wins would trickle off over the next couple months, rather than precipitously. Perhaps it just means that I'm due for something nice. ;)

Tonight is my 20th HS reunion, which I will not be attending (as it's in Bethesda and I am here). I didn't mind missing it in the least, but last night I got an email from my tennis partner/gym buddy, who is going and pretty much only wanted to see me. It was lovely to hear from her, and I'm looking forward to catching up.

I think that's all I've got. I'm reading some of you on a regular basis, and the rest of you when I can, but if there's something you desperately want to talk about, drop me an email at my normal address. Love love love.
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3 classes today -- one great (Bag Them or Tag Them), one good (Conflict Resolution in Your Agency), one sucky (Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer). Lunch with fun people and horrid service. Dinner with fun people and okay service, good food, and good Irish singin'; we'll be back again there tomorrow night. Had my ass handed to me in karaoke; the room was empty when I signed up, full when I sang, I couldn't hear shit, and my mike was way down. Is that enough excuses? No? Okay, not my genre, not wearing stupid clothes, not accompanied by my faboo bandmates upon whose coattails I ride.

Lined up for tomorrow: three or four classes (can't recall which), meeting with equipment guys to give Dana my opinion, trolling the trade floor for schwag (so far have many pens, some Post-Its, and a ruler that tells me if I'm stressed), food hopefully with fun people, and then more collapsing.
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Dana and I are in Norfolk (which I'm alarmingly starting to call "Nawhfuck") this week for the VA EMS Symposium. We got in late last night in the pouring rain, but today it was almost balmy. He's already taken a fun airway class, and I took one on suicide bombers. Busy schedules the next three days, capped off with a dinner and Randy Mantooth.

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I'm a little gobsmacked going into the weekend, because it's got lots of nothing. We're going to a party for an EMS buddy tomorrow afternoon, but apart from that, we have no commitments.

Last night we went to see "Talladega Nights" (for free thanks to movie passes from a sweeps win) -- it was funny, but not as much as I'd hoped it would be. Still...funny enough. :) AND it seems that our movie theater has entered the new millennium, because instead of the slides they used to show, they're showing a little pre-presentation. I don't know what they call it, only that it's not "The 20."

Next week is going to be pretty filled -- two chorus rehearsals, and then Friday morning I'll drive north for the weekend. I got my boss to agree to let me come in on the last of the month, so I'm working Friday, probably having dinner with Dad on Friday (and barring that, enjoying non-faire time with the lovely [ profile] pyratelady and gallant [ profile] ironbeagle), faire all weekend, and then a Richmond Symphony concert on Monday.

Dana is waiting to be scheduled for precepting shifts with Chesterfield Fire, so he can be cleared to run as a paramedic. Our squad's standard is 10 calls, which is pretty anemic, so he and the Chief agreed that he should run through the same clearing process as the fire guys, which is 10 8-hour shifts. He's looking forward to it, and we both hope he can start soon!

Whatever you have scheduled this weekend, have fun and stay safe!
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Dana and I just got home from a 24-hour shift. for those of you interested in such things )

Tomorrow is chorus rehearsal #3, followed by a potluck dinner and then our first concert. The orchestra will be playing the National Anthem, Copland, Barber, and other things, and we're singing Wagner & Beethoven. (linky here for my music geeky friends.) I suppose I would be more nervous if I weren't bone tired, but I'm surrounded by good solid singers and I'm really looking forward to it. (In a stunning change from every other chorus I've sung with, the conductor openly adores his alto section.)


Sep. 5th, 2006 11:39 am
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[ profile] dfilove posted about his adventures this weekend here. It's an infinitesimal chance that he's been infected, but we're jumping through all the requisite testing hoops. We had to go to the hospital after our 24 hour shift and talk to the doctors and he had blood drawn...yaddayadda 4 hours later, we were allowed to leave. In that time, we had a pizza, chatted with many nurses, and picked up some cold or something.

The test results still aren't back, and he's still got to sign another release for our doctor to get the results in the first place, so we should know tomorrow.

Also up tomorrow -- Dog on a Plane. But I know that Samuel L. Jackson would be HAPPY to have this dog on his motherfuckin' plane, and the fine folks at Lufthansa have verified that all our paperwork is in order. It's raining out now, making a nice long walk a little uncomfortable, so I'm hoping we can get out later.

Tonight...Dana asks the squad membership to approve a big ol' budget for rescue operations, while I meet 80 singers and slog through some Beethoven. Good times, I tell you.


Sep. 3rd, 2006 11:21 pm
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Time has little or no meaning at this point. We pulled 24+ hours duty, ran lots of calls, napped infrequently, and are now coming down with colds. This is NOT the week that a cold is at all convenient, with my first symphony rehearsal, sending my puppy to Germany, and then another trip north before performing this coming weekend.

::crawling back into bed until Tuesday morning::
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Our power has been sporadic this morning, which called into clarity that we have no battery-operated AM/FM radio at the house. ::adding to list:: It's on at the moment, but who knows what the next few minutes could bring?

Hagen has been very cute. He was adamant about not going out the backdoor to pee, because it was raining out there. He was bewildered to find the same situation at the front door. Poor puppy is going to have a rough couple of days!

Our regular duty shift is tonight from 6pm to 6am, but we're going to try to get there early, and we're pulling through until 6pm tomorrow night. I should probably pack some extra uniform pieces in case I get too sodden -- can throw the wet ones in the dryer while we're out on another call.

Everyone -- PLEASE be safe this weekend, whether you're facing weather, travel, or just the holiday.


Aug. 30th, 2006 04:00 pm
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[ profile] dfilove is the newest Paramedic in the NREMT!

Congratulations, honey! I am SO proud of you!
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My mighty bingo-calling fu was called upon last night -- we worked from 7:30 to 11, and I called for most of that. The players seemed to prefer my Yankee style to that of the mushmouth Southerner. ::preen:: Turns out that they're still really in need of bingo help on Thursday, so we might come out then, AND we may pull ambulance duty during the day on Saturday following our Friday night shift.

Thank God that Monday is a holiday, because I think I may just be coherent by that point. :)

Since getting my iPod, I've been methodically listening to every track I've ripped. It's made me think about music I've owned in the past, on cassette or (gasp) vinyl, and yesterday I went looking for albums by The Monks -- a British lite-punk group that I used to listen to in high school. Amazon had one of their "buy this together with something else" links, and I ended up buying two albums from the Marketplace from two different sellers.

Only problem is -- they're albums by two completely different bands called The Monks. One ("Bad Habits") is the group I remember, and the other is one I've never heard. I bought that album ("Black Monk Time") on the strength of a review that said it was incredible and amazing and you won't be able to sit still while listening to it...who knows -- it might end up being a favorite. :) But very odd.
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It feels SO GOOD to be back working and not sitting in a lecture! It was a really good class, though, and I got a lot out of it. Including a standing invitation to College Station TX, right off Hwy 6 (which runs both ways) to come and play at their facility. (and after yesterday's class, Dana and I went to the outlets, and now I have three new pairs of shoes, because I was practically unshod ::snort::)

Today will feature some catching up at work, a couple loads of laundry, a long walk or two for Mr. Dog, and perhaps a nap. Tomorrow night we'll be helping our squad run bingo at the Chesterfield County Fair. I haven't been to this fair, but I do love a good fair, so I'm looking forward to it. :)

(edited to correct my error -- I would be SUCH a 2 percenter!)
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Some random thoughts before we venture out for Day 3:

* [ profile] silverstah -- Did you get my response with picture from the other night? Don't mean to push at ALL, because I read a couple days ago that you were swamped; just want to make sure it wasn't eaten by the Email Trolls.

* "V for Vendetta" is F for Fabulous. Had no idea what to expect; loved it. Really well done.

* "Tularemia" makes me think of "Paranoimia"

Yesterday we covered the rest of chemical weapons and then did biological, with mannequin simulations after each. I'm pleased to announce that my patient never died, and a little horrified that the nurses in our class will stand and talk to a patient forever without touching him and getting even a rough idea what his vitals are, much less actually taking a BP, pulse or respiratory rate.

Today is explosives, nuclear/radiation, and pediatrics. And then coming home to collapse. Very, very, very tired.


Aug. 22nd, 2006 07:45 pm
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All we did today was get up at 5:15, drive to Williamsburg, sit in class all day with a few breaks for lunch, play with the $250,000 mannequin, and watch a decontamination tent get set up and struck, and now that I'm home...I'm BEAT. Done. Stick a fork in me.

Dana had to go to a meeting at the squad, but I know he's feeling it every bit as much as I am. Hagen and I went for a lovely walk and he's passed out in the other room.

Today we covered emergency organizations we can contact for help, how to use the Emergency Response Guidebook and Jane's Chemical/Biological Guide, many different ways that Charlie (the mannequin) can interact, proper emergency response priorities, decontamination, and started chemical weapons.

And tomorrow...we do it all over again. Whee!
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I'll be sort of scarce for the next three days -- Dana and I are taking a course in "Weapons of Mass Destruction for EMS" down in Williamsburg. Because it sounds cool.
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Dana took the practical portion of the NREMT paramedic test yesterday, and passed! At this moment, he's sitting down with a 3-hour written exam, and then he will fling himself homeward -- he's been gone since Thursday, and I miss him terribly. He won't find out the results of the written portion for another couple of weeks or so, but I have every confidence he'll breeze through.

The kitchen is full of what looks like too much alcohol and various foodstuffs. Between now and 1-ish, I have to make the bed and vacuum the entry level, give all the bathrooms the once over, make four dips and a garlic aioli, prep up 6 pounds of potatoes, and run back out to the store for ice, more beer, a cake, and a big loaf of pumpernickel for the spinach dip.

I have the vaguest idea of how many people are coming over, but they're casual enough that if we run out of food, I think I can direct them out to the nearest grocery to pick up reinforcements.

Still here

Aug. 3rd, 2006 12:41 pm
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Nothing much has been going on lately. Hagen's got 12 kinds of cabin fever, since it's too hot for him to go out for long -- I set my timer for 15 minutes at a whack when he insists, and generally I find him sitting at the back door waiting for me by that time. I've been trying to go out with him after dark and chase him around, so he gets to stretch his legs a bit.

Tomorrow and Saturday, Dana and I will be in Williamsburg taking an Advanced Medical Life Support class, and Friday night we'll zoom back here for duty. He takes his paramedic class the following Friday and Saturday, although I won't be able to go there and stay over with him because the vet has no room to board Hagen those nights. :( Hagen's pretty distracting in a hotel room, so bringing him with us wouldn't be a viable option.

I haven't gotten back up to the driving range since my lesson because of the heat, either. As soon as it breaks, though, it's a priority. I posted the club calendar next to our own, so I'll have a constant reminder.
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We're waiting to hear on what German airport Hagen will fly into, and then I can *really* get moving on things. That one piece of information will determine the airline, the date he'll fly, the crate we'll need to get (I could get a crate for flying, but I suspect it's safer to check with the specific airline first), and the timing of his FDA paperwork. Today we're going to the vet for his vaccinations -- I think it's only distemper that comes up in the next month, but I want them to be sure.

He's a little frustrated that he can't go outside for long -- it's not as beastly hot at the moment as it was yesterday, but at the same time, he doesn't want to hang out on the screen porch, which is about as nice as it's going to get. He's flopped in the corner, curled up in a little furry ball.

On a non-dog front, my sewing machine should arrive tomorrow, just in time for me to hit the road to DC to visit [ profile] pyratelady and [ profile] ironbeagle, spend the night at their glorious new abode, and then rehearse with [ profile] mydwynter on Saturday. They'll head off to the MSFB afterwards, and I will return home to see what sort of excitement [ profile] dfilove has gotten up to in my absence.

Friday night is Dana's LAST SHIFT required for his class, and he's hoping it will be every bit as busy as a regular weekend night in Richmond. Cross your fingers for some good trauma (as he puts it, "I don't want you to get hurt, but if you do, I want to be the one to help you"). After that, it's study study study for the test in August. I believe he and I are taking an Advanced Medical Life Support class the weekend before the test, which will be good review for him, and another notch in my "über qualified BLS provider" belt. The end of August will bring a 3-day WMD for EMS class for us as well.

After that -- faire in early and late September, Symposium in mid-November, and probably December for our NYC sweepstakes trip. Whee!
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The sweltery hot weather has broken for the moment, and so I'm back out on the porch today. Hagen is free in his newly-fenced backyard, and I see him peep out from the jungle with sticks and things every so often. I bought him a large horsefeed bin which is filled with water for his drinking and splashing pleasure. So far, he seems to be enjoying himself.

It's been a quiet few days here at Foolish Pleasure. We had duty Friday night, and then Dana pulled a shift up at Richmond -- if things go well, he only has two more shifts there and he should be DONE with everything needed for his medic class. Then it's just studying and drilling until his test in August. Monday we visited a rescue squad up in the city -- Soupy, one of his instructors, is a member there -- and filled out applications. Being in the city, there are a lot more interesting trauma calls than we see down here, plus it's right around the corner from a Krispy Kreme, which makes ME tremendously happy. We hit Nacho Mama's in Carytown for dinner (being foiled in our attempt to eat curry), and spent some time visiting with Soupy who is just lots of fun.

Yesterday we'd planned to go see the new Superman movie, but never motivated sufficiently to leave the house. Dana got some mowing done before the truly evil heat set in, and I did a bunch of laundry and cleaned, and then we retreated to our computers for a while. I won an Entourage keychain, which I care nothing about, except that it means I no longer have to enter that particular sweep (one of the most annoying entries EVER, but the grand prize is either a trip to CA *or* a big pile of cash, so that was worthwhile).

Dana's car is up in Springfield having the wiring checked out, because when they installed all the lights and radios there were a few bugs. They were very nice to drive down here and pick up the car, but that means that we're limited to just my car and the Harley, and the weather's been too mercurial to depend on the bike much for long periods. Dana got soaked coming home on Monday.

There is a tremendous amount of splashing coming from down below. Such a happy boy.

(will post separately about quilt project)

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