May. 19th, 2007 01:16 pm
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(standardizing my online personalities a bit -- still the same useless rambling you've come to love)

So my computer decided that it was fundamentally unhappy, and created another login for me with the same password, but it wouldn't remember little things like MY EMAIL PASSWORDS. Input password, click "save password," get mail. Popup: "enter your password" Me: "bite my ass"

"The guy" at work offered to rebuild it for me, so we've restored the original settings and I'm now in the fabulous process of trying to remember all the handy shit I had installed on it before, and getting them back in place. :rolleyes:: Just really what I wanted to do with my weekend.

Last night was the first of three RSO concerts featuring the women of the chorus on Debussy's Syrenes. For fun, we were asked to dress "siren-like," as opposed to just our regular concertwear (formal black, contemporary black, or white top/black bottom). "Siren like" to most of the women meant red, it would seem, although a couple of them wore "boas" -- the most anemic tiny thin featheresque things I've ever seen. I wore a seafoam green beaded/sequined tank top (sort of like labradorite -- hard to describe, but tres elegant) and a black silk chiffon skirt that was reminiscent of waves. Very fun. Our dress change was only supposed to be for last night, but Mark liked it so much he asked us to do it again tonight. I will resist the urge to break out some feathers and show them how it's done.

Took Hagen to the vet yesterday because he wasn't seeming his normal self. Wasn't interested in food at all on Wednesday, and yelping occasionally when he moved. The doc gave him an anti-inflammatory/pain med with instructions to bring him back if he's not better in 5 days. He's MUCH better today, so I think this may have done the trick -- praps he just twisted something.

Got my haircut this week, and bought myself a flat iron, so I'm rocking the sleek look. Fired my manicurist for being a tool (booked me for an appointment, and then offered to take me a half hour later when I showed up at the proper time -- I don't mind a few minutes wait due to walk-ins, but that's why I MADE AN APPOINTMENT) -- am trying out new one.

Next weekend -- In Our Cups at VARF! Houseful of friends and another dog! Five vehicles for five people! And...I expect we'll be busting out THE MARGARATOR...I love Jellyfish so freaking much. :)
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I've spent all day re-creating a Visio file of our squad's logo. When I tried to save it as a .jpg, it wouldn't make the background transparent (it should only be the circle). When I try to save it as a .gif, it makes the background transparent -- but it also makes the inner circle transparent (rimmed in red, with the triangle inside it).

I've checked and that circle is filled with white & it's solid -- when I view it as a .vsd, it's opaque.

Anyone know how I should be saving this, so it will look all pretty and stuff? (Never mind that it's an ugly logo; I didn't design it.) :)


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I don't have access to my normal complement of bookmarks, so I'm hoping one of you can help. I'm looking for a site where I can input a hex code and have it display that color.

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Anyone have any insight as to why some of the email I'm getting is timestamped correctly, and others are timestamped 12 hours in the future?

I've checked my computer's date/time settings, and they're correct (and confirm with the Big Clock In The Sky as well).

(Outlook 2003 SP2, on Windows XP)


Sep. 21st, 2006 11:54 am
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Awwwww yeah...
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I've recently reloaded my mouse drivers because it was seizing up. It still seizes up, but I found a way around it.

Problem is, it's a two button mouse with a click wheel, and I used to have it set so that if I clicked a link with the wheel (within Firefox), it would open the link in a new tab.

Can anyone point me (get it? MOUSE JOKE!! okay, not a funny one) to fixing it?
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I am directionally-impaired. [livejournal.com profile] ironbeagle recommended the TomTom Navigator to me. Can someone 'splain the difference between the Navigator 5 - Bluetooth and the Navigator 5 - Software Only?

Yes, obviously, one is the software only. :) That much I got. But do I need the doohickey? What benefits does it provide?

I'm looking to pair this up with my Palm Treo 650.

EDIT: [livejournal.com profile] 3fingeredsalute very kindly called and explained it all to me, using small words, and gave me info on a different mapping thing I can try before I buybuy a TomTom.
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I finally caught up with a Sprint technician who walked me through the email in my box until we located the culprit -- an all-html email sent out by Renaissance Magazine was causing my Business Connection to fail. (Business Connection is the app that looks at whatever's in my Outlook at the time, and allows me to delete emails or reply to them on my phone, but also makes those changes on my computer.)

Once that was fixed, I mentioned that there was an erroneous calendar entry on my phone that *didn't* show up on my Outlook -- we work a duty shift every other Sunday, and this was indicating that we also had duty shifts on the Sundays that we *don't* work. It turns out that while Outlook displays the recurring appointments correctly, every other week, Business Connection displays them every week. This is especially weird considering that I have the same thing set up for our every-other-Friday shifts, and those display correctly both in Outlook and Business Connection.

So. I found a bug! That and a few bucks will get me a cherry limeade at Sonic.
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I'm not exactly sure what's changed recently, but I can't view PDF files in Firefox. It think it's loading the PDF, and will display "done" in the lower left corner, but the page is blank. I can right-click and opt to view most things in the external application, but not in the case of passworded sites.

I have Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional and Adobe Reader 7.0. I'm running Firefox, and my computer is running WinXP with SP2.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Anyone know how to force a web user off a database? I'm trying to upload the current copy of my database, only someone has a CF page open somewhere in the world (and has since 8:06am today), and it's created an .ldb file. While that's active, I can't upload the new db, unless I do it as a different name, but even then I won't be able to overwrite the old file until this .ldb is inactive.
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My boss wants a slide that will introduce new information when he clicks on it. Should I build separate slides that add the information progressively, or is it a macroey thing on one slide?

Never done this before; hate PPT.

I built it as 5 separate slides, so he can run the whole thing as a slideshow. We don't typically hand out booklets, so that's not a problem. Am waiting on feedback from him now.

Thanks for the hand!

I'm back!

May. 26th, 2006 08:36 am
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I know, you didn't know I was gone. Neither did I.

If you sent me any email between about 5pm last night and 1am this morning, it was eaten by the Great Bit Bucket In The Sky.

(and what are you doing emailing me at 1am, anyway?)
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How sad is it that I am so tired that I would rather run a module I know to be coded incorrectly and manually find and fix the errors later, than to dig through the coding and fix it?
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I'm just poking about embedding fonts, but my references are all a little old. Anyone got a lead on what process to use so that it will be read in IE and Firefox (anything else would be gravy)?

Never done this before, so as idiot-proof as you can get is much appreciated. FWIW, the font I think I want to use is a .ttf.

EDIT -- Actually, if you've got a link to a site that displays fonts already recognized, that would probably be the best way to go. I'm using stylesheets, and so far the boss hated Trebuchet and Monaco.


Mar. 20th, 2006 10:19 am
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The only thing I haven't gotten to work on my new computer is the printer driver -- I've downloaded the one from the website, and installed it, but I think it's not happy because of the network, or something. When I originally installed the printer driver on my old computer, I couldn't do it without many long conversations with tech support, and only then because we tricked it and gave it a different driver. (I've tried mimicking the settings on the old computer, to no avail.)

I called HP today, and our printer "ees out of wahranty," so to please give them $55 for a year's support or $30 for TWO WEEKS of it.

I'll try again on my own, first. I really expected more from HP -- if you keep a customer happy, they'll be in a better frame of mind when they purchase a replacement and think of you first. Then again, when you own the market, I guess no one cares if you're an asshole.
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I'm back out on the porch this morning, blinking at the brightness of the light, and enjoying the current just-rightness of the temperature. I expect I'll be changing into less substantial clothing as things heat up -- we're slated for 87 degrees today. I'm hopeful actual Spring is here, instead of that stupid fake Spring that just frustrates everyone. I saw our first robins in JANUARY, for pete's sake, so it's about time.

Saturday I flung myself in a northerly direction, and (crap -- my "N" key just popped off...will fiish later oce I figure that shit out -- help is appreciated)

Edit: A little Krazy Glue later, and I have an N key again. I'm like MacGyver over here -- next, I will fly a plane using only a paperclip, a bag of flour, and a ferret.

Saturday, I flung myself in a northerly direction, and managed to miss most traffic on my way to [livejournal.com profile] mydwynter's house to rehearse (hang on, doorbell. hello, $1000 from Killian's sweepstakes! where was I?) for a most-of-the-Cups event that [livejournal.com profile] queenmaggie was kind enough to recommend us for. (yes. that's a preposition there at the end of that sentence. and I don't care, la la laaaaaaa!) We came up with a good list of singable songs, some with teachable choruses, some that will transition nicely into new repetoire. And there was giggling and cat loving and cookie eating and Hugh Laurie admiring, and then I stole her Firefly DVDs.

The return trip was mostly uneventful until I was on the home stretch to discover that all of the lanes on 95 were closed, so now I know more sideroads in my squad's district, which is always a handy thing.

Sunday I decided that it was not only within my grasp but also my mandate to do fuck-all, so I lazed on the porch with Mr. The Dog, with a few frisbee breaks, and we were joined by Dana when he came home from a particularly patient-rich stint at the hospital, so HE was happy. We got to the squad an hour early (to discover that the previous crew had just marked down their unit, and rather than thank us for coming in to relieve them, got all snitty that we were less-than-impressed by their work ethic), marked up a unit, and were sent out on a call that someone else squirreled from us before we could pull all the way out of the bay. Our next call waited until we were just done with dinner, which was very considerate, and the patient was pleasant and talkative and rational, which almost NEVER happens, and then we had no calls until morning. I got my QA paperwork out of the way for the month, and we made some good decisions about how our forms need to adapt and what we'll need to address first.

The End. Or "To Be Continued." Or something.
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Does anyone know how to get my MS Outlook contacts to be recognized by the mail portion? I see them all under "Contacts" but when I click on an email and click the "To:" I get "The address list could not be displayed. The Contacts folder associated with this address list could not be opened; it may have been moved or deleted, or you do not have permissions."

I got nothing.

Oh, and Hagen would like you all to know that if you were here, he would smile at you and belch. ::waving hands around to clear the stench::


Mar. 2nd, 2006 09:12 am
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I have much to blather about, but there are two things I have to get out of the way and then I can proceed.

1. Hagen's hips are rated "a-normal"!!! He's fabulous, he's wonderful, I can stop worrying. (more on that later)

2. I have a new computer, so now I begin the process of changing everything to my settings. In Firefox, I have no right scroll bar -- I can scroll using the mouse wheel, but no handy bar to click on. Anyone have this problem, or know how I can fix it?

EDIT: Okay, I've found the Firefox problem -- there's something wrong with my theme installation (Pimpzilla, for any of y'all wanting to roll like me). It didn't have this problem on my other computer, so I'll contact the author and see what they say.

To sum up:


2. Not a problem after all.

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