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I've been wearing acrylics for, um, a long damn time. And recently I've been hunting for a new manicurist. I found one two weeks ago that I liked and went back to her today.

She told me that every 2-3 months, I should have my nails soaked off and have a new full set put on. Which would cost about double what a regular fill would cost. I asked her why, and she said "because this is old, it cracks." She also indicated that the sides of my nails (natural nails) are all narrow due to filing, and that a new full set would be on top of new plastic bases.

Every fill, they're buffed down, and new acrylic goes on top. As the nails grow out, the acrylic eventually cycles off and is replaced by new.

So? Bullshit, or does she have a point? I think I like the place otherwise, but I will pack up and move on to the next place if necessary.

Every place has pros and cons -- the last place pushed the crystal gel, the place before that had a kid running around AND they didn't care if I made an appointment, the place before THAT had a baby squawking AND running into my chair AND they forgot my appointments... So I recognize that I'm asking a lot for my ~$13.


May. 19th, 2007 01:16 pm
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(standardizing my online personalities a bit -- still the same useless rambling you've come to love)

So my computer decided that it was fundamentally unhappy, and created another login for me with the same password, but it wouldn't remember little things like MY EMAIL PASSWORDS. Input password, click "save password," get mail. Popup: "enter your password" Me: "bite my ass"

"The guy" at work offered to rebuild it for me, so we've restored the original settings and I'm now in the fabulous process of trying to remember all the handy shit I had installed on it before, and getting them back in place. :rolleyes:: Just really what I wanted to do with my weekend.

Last night was the first of three RSO concerts featuring the women of the chorus on Debussy's Syrenes. For fun, we were asked to dress "siren-like," as opposed to just our regular concertwear (formal black, contemporary black, or white top/black bottom). "Siren like" to most of the women meant red, it would seem, although a couple of them wore "boas" -- the most anemic tiny thin featheresque things I've ever seen. I wore a seafoam green beaded/sequined tank top (sort of like labradorite -- hard to describe, but tres elegant) and a black silk chiffon skirt that was reminiscent of waves. Very fun. Our dress change was only supposed to be for last night, but Mark liked it so much he asked us to do it again tonight. I will resist the urge to break out some feathers and show them how it's done.

Took Hagen to the vet yesterday because he wasn't seeming his normal self. Wasn't interested in food at all on Wednesday, and yelping occasionally when he moved. The doc gave him an anti-inflammatory/pain med with instructions to bring him back if he's not better in 5 days. He's MUCH better today, so I think this may have done the trick -- praps he just twisted something.

Got my haircut this week, and bought myself a flat iron, so I'm rocking the sleek look. Fired my manicurist for being a tool (booked me for an appointment, and then offered to take me a half hour later when I showed up at the proper time -- I don't mind a few minutes wait due to walk-ins, but that's why I MADE AN APPOINTMENT) -- am trying out new one.

Next weekend -- In Our Cups at VARF! Houseful of friends and another dog! Five vehicles for five people! And...I expect we'll be busting out THE MARGARATOR...I love Jellyfish so freaking much. :)
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This week is kind of busy for me, and I'm a little on edge.

reasons why, interesting only to me )

I'm just feeling very scowly and I'm not sure why.

Time didn't permit. More important for me to spend a little time with Hagen, I think -- more relaxing that being talked over in Vietnamese, right?


Oct. 18th, 2006 06:09 pm
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I got this from the Manolo, but had to post it in case there are still those who have not found his superfantasticness.

Sweet Smelling Sweater Salad

Obviously, the sweaters are horrid. But I am equally mesmerized by picture after picture of Unhappy Glasses-Wearing Girl Stuffed Into Not Enough Gold Lame' Pants.

(and now, off to my interview)
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Today, Mr. Mailman brought me a little pink and green cosmetic case full of Maybelline products, as a first prize win (grand prize was a trip to NY). Their Great Lash mascara is always great, but now I get to try other products for free. (I am always tempted in drugstores but never want to plump for unknowns.)

First up, the Superstay lipcolor. "Apply color to your lips. Allow to dry. Apply balm." Pretty standard instructions. After 5 minutes, my lips were still tacky, and the color is damn near the exact shade of my lips in the first place. When I put the balm on, some of the color came off. Opinion: Glorified Chap-stick. I will stick with MAC ProLongWear.

On a completely different note, for those of you involved in the technical side of theatre ([ profile] sm_jen, I'm looking at you), you should go read THIS, now.
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THANK YOU all for the tsunami of birthday wishes! I had a mostly quiet day (except for the excitement about the Vegas win), and then Dana and I had dinner at the Thai Curry House up in Richmond, followed by Coldstone Creamery (my choice of the 4 free birthday ice cream offers that I received, although I suspect the others won't go unused...).

So now I'm officially in my late 30s, and the next two months and 5 days will be filled with reminders that I am TWO YEARS OLDER than my youngun' of a husband. ;)

salon/children stuff )

Haven't yet gotten the IOC schedule for this weekend, but I will post that as soon as it's in my hot little hands. Will we see any of our stalkers this weekend? (and will they be unionized?)
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You know you've moved to the hinterlands when the stores don't open until noon on Sunday. I'm sitting in my car, sipping my Route 44 cherry limeade (waves to [ profile] ilostonjeopardy), and watching the employees pick their way through the rainy parking lot in their workclothes.

SO glad I no longer work retail.

To close, for [ profile] pyratelady's amusement:
Fingers: Cozumelted in the Sun
Toes: Your Villa Or Mine?
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et voila! )
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my goal )

Say it with me now, boys: "She has hair?"
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First -- does anyone have any current photographs of In Our Cups? We'd love to post pictures with Jill on the website. These could be from faire last year (as The Nancy Boys), from this year's Pyrate Feast, or from Memorial Day weekend at VARF (in gypseeeeey goodness). Mail 'em to me here -- thanks!

Second -- haircut help! )

Thanks, y'all!
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I'm afraid I have to disappoint )
(oh, and [ profile] pyratelady? This week is Argenteeny Pinkini.)
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most of the garb )


Jun. 17th, 2006 03:54 pm
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All home, safe and sound! Hagen was *supposed* to stay at base camp, but 10 minutes after we got there he chewed through his leash and came in search of me. (Good dog.) The instructors got more hands on with him, which was much appreciated by all involved. He just hates having people love him and tell him he's good and skritch him. Hates, I tell you. He shows his dislike by smiling a lot and licking you and wagging his tail, btw, so you can recognize the signs.

the gory details )

What did I learn? I learned that I will not die if left in the woods. That I am able to read a compass and a map. I am very observant. And most importantly, bug spray erodes nail polish.

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AND HAPPY FLAG DAY! When we lived in Germany, we were in a duplex house with an ex-pat American agronomist and his common law German wife. He was terrified that the government would come and get him and make him go home, and he used to throw a fit any time my father put out the flag because he viewed it as an "Americans here!" beacon. To this day, any flag-related holiday is marked by flying the flag in memory of John Lau.

Dana and I made the trek from home to VA Tech yesterday afternoon, with a couple of stops in search of an ABC store. We're ensconced in the Inn at Virginia Tech, which is the same building as the conference center all of our classes are in. Hagen's crate is by the window, and so far he's been great. Dana's in a 2-day vehicle extrication class today and tomorrow, and then Friday-Sunday he's got an EMS Leadership class. My search and rescue class starts tomorrow afternoon, and runs through Sunday -- all class-based except Saturday, where they take us out and presumably get us lost. Dana's leadership class is supposed to have him sequestered from morning until night all three days, but I'm really hoping he'll be able to slip out on Saturday to let Hagen out around lunch. For evenings, Dana has two types of scotch, and I have Bacardi Apple and a Cocktails by Jenn variety tote (just in case any of you doubted my frightening girliness level).

I have uniform pants and boots, a compass (with a mirror for handy lipstick checks), my Powerpuff Girls baseball cap, a whistle, raingear, extrication gloves, a daypack and a separate CamelBak, and four bags of gorp and a bag of beef jerky. I suspect I'll have to stop by Kroger or something on Friday night to grab an actual lunch for Saturday, because the gorp is tasty but I don't want to eat just that. I was able to grab some more of the Bolthouse Farms Purely Protein chai drink, which I ADORE, and should keep the hungries away and give me energy at least in the morning.

I predict that I will break a nail (Route Beer Float), and I will NOT be happy. Not one bit.
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[ profile] pyratelady and I were shopping tonight, and we found the following skirt at H&M which we decided you need:

Because my camera is not so great, it's a blue and white gingham check, with an apron overlaid on top. Very very short.

(that's Darcy's boob in the back, btw)
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Okay. Let me describe this, because my camera really didn't do this justice. This is a light-skinned black woman, with a strawberry blonde pageboy, wire-rimmed glasses, and too much blue eyeshadow. She is wearing a lime green suede and leather dress, which PRECISELY matches her lime green suede and leather boots. Over top, she's wearing a raspberry suede fringed poncho. On her head is a pink suede cowboy hat (and I know a little part of her died inside that it wasn't the same shade as the poncho).

Lowe's. Not WalMart.

And I'm kicking myself for not noticing her nails, because they must've been a sight to see.
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My Lane Bryant shopping trip on Saturday -- I netted a denim blazer, 3 shirts, jammies, and two pairs of capris for $136. I saved $145.

Ph34r m3.
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This weekend (March 4-5) only -- printable coupon here, or use code 00406161 online at checkout.
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It's been over 60 hours since I removed my corset, and my sides are still sore when I touch them. But I looked FABULOUS, so that's all that matters.

::muttering "beauty is pain, beauty is pain"::

PF angst

Feb. 24th, 2006 10:11 am
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Per usual, I haven't planned a thing wardrobe-wise, and I want like hell to wear my sexxay new boots. But they are CREAM, and I haven't a thing else that is cream other than a chemise. And once I have a corset and a pirate coat on, you don't see the chemise. And my pirate coat is burgundy, and my hat matches.

So do I go coatless? Corsetless? (bad idea, I think) I can't make cream-colored tights because I have no sewing machine (though I *do* realize how damn easy they are to make, thanks to [ profile] morghana). Pirate-free, and throw together some non-piratey non-ren god knows what? I don't even think I'll have time to get feathers before tomorrow, in an effort to lighten up my hat's effect (assuming I could find ostrich feathers down here).

I was sort of thinking of wearing my bright red long-line sweetheart corset with something on the bottom, to which I could add a chemise, mebbe, but I'd really only be adding sleeves to the effect.

I sense a frenzy-filled trip to WalMart that won't turn out well. ::sigh:: At least I *have* things to wear -- they're just not at all what I WANT to wear.

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