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Faith sick at home means Faith knits. A lot.

* Finished the Intarsia Hat of Largeness, and felted it. Now is pretty, sturdy Intarsia Hat of Vaguely Brownie Beanieness.

* Finished scarf thingy for Marlene without further need to frog.

* Finished little brown earflap hat with pompoms for co-worker. (she lurves it!)

* Finished TWO little adorable baby hats for Jellyfish friend. Used yarn from Marlene's scarf and the intarsia project, thereby giving good juju to the yarn at last.

* Finished the SLEEVE of my sweater. Tonight, I will work on the i-cord, and then it will be done (save for blocking, which I'll do after my LYS reopens in January).

And now? I need yarn. :) And needles to make toasty toes socks. And a pattern for something to keep me occupied for a while...
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Thirteen bobbins hanging!

Inside in progress

If you've ever wondered what intarsia in the round might look like, here y'are. After I finish the next row of circles, I will end up with TWENTY FOUR bobbins. At least I feel like I'll understand this knitting style when I'm done.

EDIT: (before someone beats me to it)
The eagle eyed and/or anal-retentive among you may notice that there are 14 bobbins; the first one is my original tail. I'm only knitting with 13 at the moment. :)
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First, GIP, to show off my first so-called Pidge, which I made for the co-worker who introduced me to the style. I have one more lined up as a Christmas present for sure and then one for me, but I suspect I'll be adding more in short order because they knit up so nicely and so queeck!

knitty stuff )

I'm doing most of my knitting at home while watching Dana play various Xbox games on the Big Ass TV. He finished off Gears of War, started and hated Halo 3, and is right now bashing zombies galore on Dead Rising. I help by pointing out stuff, like food and weapons and bonus items. I'm very helpy. :)

And now...I'm off to bed. I pulled squad duty last night, was up until 2am for no apparent reason, and then up again at 5am. Add a 3+ hour nap when I got home, and my sleep schedule's a little whacked. But...knitting class is at 10am tomorrow, and there's no way I'll be late for that! :D

Love and miss you all -- I am out here reading, even though I rarely post.
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If you got a gift cert, and don't have a particular school in mind to receive it, would you please consider Richmond Public Schools (VA)? I used mine for this project -- I'm a sucker for arts-related stuff.

Many of our kids are underprivileged, and I know they'd appreciate it. :)

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Okay, I've succumbed to the lure of knitting -- Mom taught me to knit when I was a little girl, but I hadn't made anything since college. This summer I was stuck waiting for Hagen to be done with a bath, and wandered into the Ben Franklin to see if I still remembered anything.

I've finished two sweaters and one sock. I have the second sock on needle, along with a neck-down wrap cardigan, and then a coolio little scarflet waiting in the wings. Yesterday was my first class (an all-skills affair), which is where I learned that my refusal to make anything else that I have to stitch together does NOT mean that I have to give up making sweaters. And I got to sit and knit with PEOPLE, which was fun and community stuff like that there.

My yarn store is The Yarn Lounge, or their blog is available on LJ here. Love love love!!

(oh, and I am posting pics of my FOs at the moblog, available on LJ here!)
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I just won $1000 in an instant win from Hunt's/ConAgra! Wheee!!
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I have finished my first sweater!! Okay, so the sleeves are too short, but it's a SWEATER and it will keep someone warm.

And I finished knitting sweater #2, so I can start assembly on THAT.

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I hope your day was every bit as squeefully wonderful as you are!!
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I'd hoped for a nice, long, lazy Saturday. Ha. )

And that is why I am not having homemade bacon cheeseburgers for dinner.

-- fin --


Sep. 5th, 2007 08:43 am
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Just in case any of y'all wanted to come visit tomorrow. :)
faithellen: (Default) is an "advertainment" site with games and searches (which don't work right now) and the ability to make cash. I haven't played with it much, but if you're interested in checking it out, here's a referral link.

(I only have 5 invites right now, so if it tells you they're gone, they're gone -- there may be more later and I can repost then).
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Our a/c at home has been fixed.

Our a/c here at work, however, is BROKEN.
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Update from down yonder )

So in a nutshell, the house is warm and smells of cat pee, it's 102 out, but I'm happy because I pulled Bingo duty at the county fair last night which was warm but certainly cooler than now, and especially because I don't have to go to faire in silly clothes. (they're MY blessings; I will count them.)
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Thanks to [ profile] kitteblue, many of us are feeling more than a little old today. :)

back when Graymael wasn't, um, grey... )

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I *just* noticed the hammock on the right, which means that this is 1986, and I'd just turned 18 or was about to.
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Warning: Smack Shopping is Highly Addictive. Enter at Your Own Risk.
See My Shopping Page:
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[ profile] netsearcher and [ profile] slycreations have been assimilated.

Join usssssssss.
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Yesterday I decided that I really needed Alanis' genius version of "My Humps" on the iPod, except I could only find the YouTube video.

And then I was introduced to Zamzar.

Go. Convert. Download. Fill up your devices.
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Do any of you have the ability to rip from vinyl to CD (or just to sound files)?

I have one album to transfer, and no turntable. (There's a thingamajig that will do it for about $120, but since it's just one album, it's not a worthwhile investment for me.)

If you can, I'll send you the album for transfer, and you may keep the album in your own collection. It's "Suspended Animation," a Canadian-only release by an 80s pseudo-punk British group called The Monks (who also did "Nice Legs...Shame About The Face" and "Drugs In My Pocket").

And, if you end up liking the group (or like them already), I'll also shoot you the ripped files from their first album, "Bad Habits."

Is there anyone who can help this damsel in auditory distress?
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Dear Friends,

I’m a supporter of, an amazing nonprofit organization that is a finalist in The Members Project. The prize is up to $5 million, and the outcome will be decided by votes of American Express card holders. If we help win, all the proceeds will go to classroom projects in public schools.

This doesn’t require money; it requires just 2 minutes of your time. You could impact hundreds of thousands of public school students by voting now for:

Teachers Ask. You Choose. Students Learn. (

If the registration/voting process is at all confusing, please see these simple instructions. is in a dead heat with much larger organizations, and the outcome will likely be decided by fewer than a hundred votes. Your vote now is essential.

On behalf of all the schoolchildren whom your vote will impact, thank you for helping this great charity at such a critical moment!
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