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Nov. 3rd, 2008 11:07 am
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Yesterday, Dana and I replaced the showerheads in the master shower -- after spending a month showering in the guest bathroom with the Awesome Showerhead due to tile-related leakage, we were a little disappointed by the meager output in the main digs. After that, we replaced the towel bars, moved a door frame up to the garage (after last week's Door Replacing gig), and then once our friend Larry was done buying his new gun (this IS southern VA, after all), he came over and helped us replace the kitchen faucet. The prior faucet was functional, but quirky (moving the faucet head back and forth actually changed the temperature, which was a nasty surprise if you moved it to the left and got the we-don't-have-kids-so-our-water-heater-is-set-unnaturally-high scaldathon). Dana cooked while Larry plumbed, and I flitted back and forth handing things to each of them, trying to keep track of what I touched last so we didn't have any weird cross-contaminate meatball/teflon tape issues, and apart from a set of channel locks going mysteriously missing for 30 minutes, ended the evening with yummy food and a nicer looking kitchen.

Tally for the day: 3 new plumbers, one new gun, 12 awesome meatballs (and NO broken nails!). We're voting McCain, fersure.

Whomever you support, GO VOTE tomorrow. I'll be voting mid-morning to avoid the before work lines...probably the only benefit of being unemployed, yes?

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