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Jan. 16th, 2008 10:11 am
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Just as I was rolling up on the dog daycare this morning and listening to my voicemail, I got to the message from the daycare operator that she can't take Hagen anymore because he's not neutered.

The topic came up the other day when I was picking him up from boarding, and she mentioned that Hagen and her bitch Sam LOVE to wrestle with each other. I asked if Sam was spayed, and she said that ALL the dogs there were fixed. Right? Oops. It certainly wasn't on the questionnaire I filled out.

She took him in today, because I was already HERE with him, and Dana's out at meetings today. She loves him, he loves her and all the dogs there, but she says she's got rules. Which I totally get, except that she's being a little revisionist right now.

She's told me before that Hagen has a problem with ONE dog, and that frankly, MANY of the other dogs have a problem with that particular dog. And Hagen is high energy, so when he goes to daycare, they take him for a two mile walk and then he's at the same energy level with the other dogs.

As of today, her line is "now I understand why he doesn't get along with the other males, and they don't get along with him." Whatevs. I'll miss being able to take him there, and god knows HAGEN will miss it.

He's not aggressive, although he is bossy. If he's herding you, he wants you to be herded. That's a shepherd thing, not a boy thing. If you're near the backyard, he wants you to know HE IS IN CHARGE. At least, I assume that's what he's barking. But this is my short bus dog, who failed "biting" -- it's not in his nature. He'll lick you aggressively, to say "if I bit, man, you would be in for some TEETH, I tell you" if he's not happy (like when we tickle his pawpads or irritate him). But he's not a biter.

Our vet is opening up a daycare soon, and there's at least one more near my office. I just hope someone will agree to take my boy, so he has a place to go and run off energy or not be crated if we're gone all day.
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