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Dana had a class in Norfolk on Saturday, so we dropped off Hagen at doggy daycare and headed down Friday. If you're ever in Norfolk, and you're a foodie, go to Bobbywood. This was our second meal there, and FABULOUS. We started with little "spoons" of appetizers -- mashed potatoes and blue cheese, wild mushroom risotto, cream cheese and leek polenta, and crab mac & cheese. Soup was a roasted red pepper with crab meat, and then Dana had foie gras and I had a YUMMEH goat cheese tart thingy. No idea what he had for dinner, except that it was fab (I was a little cacked by that point), and I had filet mignon with mashed potatoes and cippolini onions. His dessert was chocolate lava cake with pistachio ice cream and chocolate jelly, and I had lemon chess pie with raspberry sorbet and perfectly marvelous raspberries.

Saturday he headed off to class, and I amused myself at the hotel until checkout, and then drove to Virginia Beach to Ewe Knits Kits & Yarn. I tried to look their ratings up on KnitMap, but my Treo wouldn't show me anything and Dana's iPhone would only give us a 5 mile radius. What a lovely store!! They've got about double the stock of my LYS, with only a little overlap, so there was MUCH shopping to be had. They'd never heard of Malabrigo, so I showed them my scarf, and they showed me Manos a Uruguay, which looks just the same but doesn't feel as nice because it's a completely different fiber content. I ended up with the Magic Loop instruction booklet, three sock patterns, a skein of Austermann in husband-approved colors, a skein of Lorna's Laces worsted for me (one of the sock patterns only called for 1 skein!), and some unbelievably yummy rayon chenille that washes and dries from garter stitch to such velvety depths -- I couldn't pass it up.

Sunday was more knitting, with a short visit to my LYS, and then we had pizza with the rescue team at our house. I finished my Ana bandanna which is totally cyoot, and will cast on some fetchings today.

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