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School's been out since the 21st, so I've been working from home. When not coding long-distance, I've been curled up in a chair knitting, watching Dana take on Oblivion, generally with a dawg at our feet. Not a bad existence, says I.

My fabulous LYS, The Yarn Lounge was ALSO on vacation so after finishing up the cashsoft DK cloche-ish hat (which will need some smocking or perhaps a band), I stopped in for some last-minute fiber fondling and impulse purchasing on Christmas Eve.

I started my first self-striping sock, using (you guessed it) self-striping sock yarn -- Step by Austermann. Having satisfied my curiosity about how it works (about 3 inches in on size 2s), I put that to the side in favor of something a little more immediate. Using the "Knitters Handy Book of Patterns," I turned out a yummeh pair of Interlacements Toasty Toes socks in the African Violets colorway. Finished up the last of those just after midnight last night (yes, I knitted in the New Year -- why do you ask?).

I also worked a BUNCH on my grey cozy hoodie, after grabbing a 40" Addi Turbo (the Rowan Cocoon wasn't slidy enough on my Denises). And I finally worked with Malabrigo yarn -- OMG it's like knitting with a cloud. I made myself a pair of wine-colored flip-top mittens with black glass art buttons, and I'm working on my very own so-called Pidge in a variegated wine Malabrigo, also to get the same buttons. There's a little of the solid wine left, so I may experiment with a hat band for the black hat, to prevent it from flying off.

AND, I've received my assignment for the Malabrigo swap, and I couldn't be happier. Not only is her favorite color one of the only colors I know my LYS has Malabrigo in-stock, but she's a gothy piratical seamstress type. It's like shopping for a friend, I swear. :) I'm hoping to find fun notions or perhaps a cool pattern that's off the beaten track for her.

Pictures to follow, of course. Someday I must break out the good camera and not just my phone...
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