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First, GIP, to show off my first so-called Pidge, which I made for the co-worker who introduced me to the style. I have one more lined up as a Christmas present for sure and then one for me, but I suspect I'll be adding more in short order because they knit up so nicely and so queeck!

Tomorrow morning is my 3rd knitting class -- I'm LOVING it. Tomorrow I'll get advice on how best to pick up stitches to do a neckband, and will pick out yarn for the above-mentioned present. I will attempt to avoid picking out yarn for anything else, but so far I've failed astonishingly at that. I should finish my second sock this week, and hopefully make good progress on my current sweater (my first with REAL yarn, and first that is all one piece and therefore will not lie in pieces mocking me for a while). After class ends at noon, the store is open, and people come in and sit around and knit and chat and it's WONDERFUL.

Project status:
Socks: 1 finished, 2nd one 85% finished (heel turned and working on foot body)
Wrap sweater: body finished and bound off. Need to pick up stitches for neckband, knit sleeves, and then produce twelve miles of I-cord for the ties.

On deck:
2 pairs I-cord socks for homicidal virtual hamster on Jellyfish
Pidge for Marlene
Intarsia project of some sort (probably this hat)

In queue:
Pidge for me
Toe-up simultaneous socks for me (as soon as I find a pattern I like) out of remainder of Interlacement Toasty Toes from my Pidge

I'm doing most of my knitting at home while watching Dana play various Xbox games on the Big Ass TV. He finished off Gears of War, started and hated Halo 3, and is right now bashing zombies galore on Dead Rising. I help by pointing out stuff, like food and weapons and bonus items. I'm very helpy. :)

And now...I'm off to bed. I pulled squad duty last night, was up until 2am for no apparent reason, and then up again at 5am. Add a 3+ hour nap when I got home, and my sleep schedule's a little whacked. But...knitting class is at 10am tomorrow, and there's no way I'll be late for that! :D

Love and miss you all -- I am out here reading, even though I rarely post.
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