Feb. 19th, 2008

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Anyone got a sock toe decrease pattern they'd be willing to email (or comment) to me? I'm AT that point on this sock, and left the frelling pattern at home (basic sock pattern by Ann Budd's Book of Handy Patterns for Knitters or whatever the hell it's called). I'm decreasing from 72 stitches, and IIRC it's:

(round starts in middle of sole)
Round 1: K to within 3 sts of instep, K2tog, K1, sm, K1, SSK, work instep to within 3 sts of sole, K2tog, K1, sm, K1, SSK, K to end of round
Round 2: work in pattern
Repeat until sts have been decreased by X amount, then decrease every round until Y sts remain. Graft. Do happy finished sock dance.

Anyone? because otherwise I'll have to a) not knit on my lunch hour or b) go to the yarn store where I will likely SPEND MONEY.
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I can't recall whether I've pimped this site before, but I wanted you to know about Swaptree.

I've been a member since they were in beta, and I LOVE it. You list books/CDs/DVDs/games you have and no longer want, and then list ones that you want and don't yet have. The system figures out trades for you -- sometimes it's a two-way swap, more often it's three and more. You get an email asking you to accept/reject a trade, and when everyone involved has accepted, you get shipping information.

The only thing you pay is shipping to get your item to the next person, AND you can print a postage label directly from Swaptree (that's $1/month extra, whether you send 1 or 100 items that month, billed to your credit card). I HATE going to the post office, so I cut up brown grocery bags, wrap the books, tape on the label and put it in the outgoing mail pile. Done.

I love this for SO many reasons -- you don't have to pay to list your items a la eBay, once you list them for trade you're done until they're accepted, AND the system keeps information about items you've received, so putting them back on your list to trade to someone else is wicked easy.

My name there is "faithellen" if you want to list me as a referral. I don't think there are referral bonuses; if anything, I'd get shipping on one item for free. I want more people to join because the larger the pool of available items, the better the odds that we'll all be able to trade! :D

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